Magcon Imagines



14. For Weezyyy

walk into the mall. Another day at the job. I walk into American Eagle and I'm greeted by one of my friends who works with me. She stands right next to, both of us putting clothes in bags and money in the cash register.

"Hey." She waves at me. I smile and wave a small wave back.

"How are you." I've only known her for a couple of weeks. She's really sweet.

"I'm good how is the amazing Amanda?"

"Amazing Amanda is good I guess."

"How is Super Stella?" I laugh.

"Super Stella is just super!" She laughs. I cock an eyebrow at her.

"Why so super today?" I lean against the counter.

"Cause there is this really attractive guy over there." She points to guy about our age. He has brown hair and big brown eyes that you could melt in. He waves at me and Stella nudges my arm. I look down, blushing like crazy.

"Told you he's attractive."

"A better word would be hot."

"I like that word better." We laugh as he comes towards me and her.

"Hey." He says as he places underwear on the counter.

"Ummm...hi." I say, trying to not make eye contact.

"I like you name. It pretty."


"And it's even better when it's a pretty girl's name. My names Matt." Your checks turn as red as a tomato. He chuckles.

"And I like your name. A good name for an interesting boy." He laughs.

"Thanks." The store goes silent except for the music playing.

"Nice choice of underwear." You mumble and he looks at you confused.


"I like your underwear." You say while taking the tag off of them. It's those gray things that stores put on their items so people can't steal them.

"I like you." You stare into his eyes, amazed by what he said and now more amazed by how dreamy his eyes are.

"You have a phone?"


"Would you mind if my number was in it?"

"Why would I?" You guys exchange phones and numbers.

"I'll text you later."


"You sure? I thought you would be like you should text me right when you leave the store!" He says in a girly accent.

"Not a bad accent. You could text me right when you leave if you want to, I wouldn't mind." You wink at him. He leaves and your phone goes off.

Hey beautiful;)

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