Magcon Imagines



3. Carter Reynolds

"CARTER STOP!" You scream while he chases you around his house. He wants to tickle you. Your so ticklish.


"YOUR NOT GONNA CATCH ME!" You run into the closest closet and you hear Carter come running to the closet.

"Where are you Y/N?" He says. You try not to giggle. You can see him through the little crack in the door. You walk up closer to it to get a better look of Carter.

"Where are you?" You giggle at little. He leans against the closer door.

"Man..I wonder where she is." He laughs. "Is she in here?" He opens the closet doors and you quickly hide behind his jacket hanging up. You try to hold in your giggles.

"Oh, there's my favorite jacket." He walks closer to you. "I love this jacket" he hugs you and the jacket. He grabs your hand.

"Who are you?" You give him a confused face.

"Come on Carter..."

"I'm serious. I have no idea how you are!" He twirls you around.

"But you are probably the prettiest girl on the planet." You look at him with the 'really?' face.

"Probably?" He shakes his head.

"I haven't met all the girls on the planet and I don't need to. Your all I would need. But I don't know your name."

"Carter it's me Y/N."

"I don't know that is, does your name mean your ticklish?" You look at him confused and then his hands go straight to your stomach. He starts to tickle you like crazy.

"Did I mention super cute." He gives you a seductive look.

"No Carter. Stop with the face."

"What face Y/N?"

"OH! So know you know my name!?" You try to pretend your mad at him. He looks adorable when he tries to make you feel better.

"How in the world could I not remember you? I was just playin with you" he gave you a kissy face and you out your finger on his mouth when started to lean in.

"What's my name then?" You sit down on the couch and he plops down next to you.

"You are Y/N, who i love with all of my heart."

"I love you to." You guys kiss for a long time. You lay down on Carter's chest and fall asleep.

~The End

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