Magcon Imagines



5. Cameron Dallas

You know that many girls like Cameron Dallas. And you are one of those girls. You've tried everything to get his attention. You've tried Instagram, kik, twitter, Facebook, ect. Nothing has worked. You love Cameron like anyone else would. You hope everyday for him to notice you. Everyday, you lose a little bit of hope. Soon, there will be no hope left. You go on twitter and say "hi how was you day."

No response.

You try all the other social medias. Nothing works. You put your throw your phone down on your bed. You run your hand through your hair and exhale a long breath.

What could I do to get my mind off of all this. You pause and raise your finger in the air THE MALL! I need new clothes anyway! You thought.

You walk to your car and put the key in the ignition. You drive to the mall and park in the first parking lot you saw. Luckily, it was right in front of the mall. You walk into the mall and immediately look for a Hollister. For some reason, Hollister's clothes take your mind off of things.

You walk into Hollister and see Matt Espinosa. Your happy of course to see him. But that's not who you would think it would be. just really want to meet Cameron and tell him that he is your world. He truly is. You hide behind the racks and they fall down.

Great! Just great! Now he'll see me and think I'm so crazed Magcon fan and shit......

Matt turns his head and looks at you. He smiles at you and puts the tank top in his hand and gave it to some guy but you couldn't see his face. You don't have a clue on who that is. You start to walk towards him to not make it awkward.

"Hey..." He says to you. You stand there awkwardly as he eyes you up and down.

"Um......hi." You wave your hand, trying to be at least cute.

"Now...why were you" he pointed to the rack the employees were picking up from the ground. "Hiding behind there?"

You look around the room for an excuse to leave him. You can't find anything but clothes. You know he'll pros baby follow you. You just blush and flash at smile at him. He smiles back and he waves his hand at the guy he gave his tank top to.

"What's up Matt?" And there was the one and only Cameron Dallas standing before your very eyes. You smile and giggle a little.

"I think you two should have some privacy to get to know each other." He walked away after Cameron gave him his tank top back.

"Hey." He eyes you down the same way Matt did but this time you don't look for an excuse. You just flash a smile at him and blush so hard your cheeks could be mistaken for tomatoes.

"Heeellloooo." You say. You don't notice that you held out the hello. He smiles at you.

"I like you." You kept your smile on your face. "And I defiantly like that smile of yours too." You start to giggle.

"You gotta name?"


"Well, Y/ name is Cameron." He holds out his hand for you to shake.

"So nice to meet you Cameron." You laugh and shake his hand.

"Here. This is my number." You take it out of his hand and he holds onto your hand.

"Promise me, you'll call me."

"Totally promise."

"Pinky promise." He holds out his pinky.

"Pinky promise." You wrap your pinky around his. He grabs your hand and you look down at your feet in shyness. He grabbed your chin and looked into your eyes.

"No breaking your promise to me." You look down at your hands.

"I promise." You look back into his eyes. "With all my heart."

~The End

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