Home Is...

What is home to you? Xx


1. Home Is...

Home is more than just a place enclosed within walls,

It is a novel of memories and emotions that one recalls.

Where your mind is at peace and your body can relax,

Your sound place in the world when you're about to slip through the cracks.

It is the place we can go if we need a reminder,

Treasures we have, where we've come and when times were kinder.

And in a world that rules you, you can feel like you are the King,

Where you can laugh, create, dance and fearlessly sing.

It is the Kingdom under your control,

Where you can be a chef, a writer, a princess, a procrastinator or fall down a rabbit hole.

A place that is an expression of who you are,

That grows and thrives with you as you've come so far.

It is the place where you'll plan and dream to aim for something greater,

You'll leave to discover and create, but always come back later.

This place will never leave you alone, no matter how far you venture and roam.

It will remain loyal and familiar for whenever you decide to reclaim the Throne.

A home is physically different for everyone but is emotionally the same.

It can be whatever you make it, whatever you tie to your name.

Whether it be a room, a town, a treehouse, a pair of arms or under a sky coloured blue,

Home can be what you make it, but it can also be what makes you.

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