Prom? (Kellic)

Vic wants to ask Kellin to prom.


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-Requested by anon-


I was probably creepy for always staring at him, but I couldn't help myself. He had medium dark hair with light golden highlights. His skin was pale and milky, he looked like porcelain, If you weren’t careful, you could break him. He was considered the loser in the school, but to me, he was gorgeous. Not that I would tell anyone that. I was the joke of the school, head of the soccer team and the best parties in San Diego. If I ever asked a boy like him out, my life would completely end. my brother was the only one that knew I like boys. I wasn't ashamed of it, but it scared me. I never thought I would like another boy, then Kellin walked into my class in freshman year. I instantly melted over him. 

He was shy and quiet. He never really was much of a talker. He got picked on a lot but some of the older teenagers and even a few of my friends. I wanted to beat up everyone that ever thought they could lay a hand on him, but I never did. I told them to stop, it wasn't cool, but they never really listened. I was popular and well liked, but I wasn't a douche bag. He caught me staring one time during class, he smiled shyly and looked away. I put my head down when I felt a blush rise to my cheeks. 

It took a lot of thinking, but I knew that I had a crush on him. Every time he smiled at me, I would met and my heart fill with admiration. While I was at parties and drinking, Kellin never left my mind. Whenever he wasn't at school, I would worry hoping that he was okay. All over someone that I never talked too. To any sane person, I was probably crazy, and possibly a little obsessed. I attempted to talked to him in sophomore year, he had a stutter, nothing too crazy, I guess more of a nervous stutter. He always seemed a little scared when I talked to him, he probably knew about my reputation with parties and I can get a little intimidating while drunk. 

Near the end of junior year, I finally got the courage to really talk to him. He was sitting by himself in the lunch room drawing and listening to much. I walked up and sat next to him. He looked up slowly with a confused look on his face. I smiled at him. 

“Did you draw that?” I asked him and he nodded. “It’s really good.” he mumbled a thanks and sat his pencil down. he was kind of an awkward kid. “Sorry, I know I never talk to you and stuff…” he just shrugged. “Um.. I guess what I wanted to ask was um… Do you wanna go out with me? Like dinner and a movie or something?” he thought for a second. 

“If this is some joke, save it.” he talked quietly and kind of sad. “I don't wanna be the punch line to anyone else’s jokes.” I was sad when he said that. Did people really mess with him that bad he was afraid of going on a date?

“It’s not. I promise.” I assured him. “I like you and I wanna get to know you more.” I don't know how much he still believed me. “Please? I'm taking a huge risk asking you out. I’ve never been on a date with a guy and… I just like you.” maybe he didn't wanna be rude, but he sighed and nodded. 

“Sure. Ill go out with you.” He smiled.

I picked him up for our date a few day later. I took him to a drive in theater since they were quick and cheap. I honestly don't know what movie was even on, I was too into look at Kellin to even focus on looking at the movie. We talked a lot. We talked about school, music, art, he was a lot like me. That was the first night that I kissed him too. When the movie was over and most people cleared out. I lent over and kissed him. Thankfully, he smiled and kissed me back, not leaving me to feel stupid. It was the start of our relationship.

We were one of those off and on couples for a while. Both of us were afraid. Hes never had a real boyfriend, and I’ve never dated a guy at all. We both had a lot to learn. Neither of us wanted to tell the school, so we kept it a secret, but everyday I would try and steal a kiss from him or sometimes I would just look at him like I was now. We were finally seniors and prom was coming up soon. I really wanted to ask him to go with me, but I was nervous. What if he says no? Yeah, we’ve been dating for a while, but I was always afraid that I was going to fuck something up with him.

“Vic, just ask the kid already.” Mike hit my arm. Damn school fucked up and stuck us in the same human bio class both Kellin and I refused to take in sophomore year. 

“I want to, but what if he says no? I don't wanna be embarrassed that not even my boyfriend would go with me” That sounded completely ridiculous and stupid now that I said it out loud, but I was completely filled with doubt. 

“He won't. You've been dating for eight months. Why would he say no to you?” I shrugged. “Make it special. Make him a cake or get a bunch of balloons. Make it cute a cheesy.” Mike had a point. Kellin like the cheesy, romantic kind of thing. I think I had the perfect plan. 


On Friday, about four weeks before prom, I got a few balloons and a cupcake, kind of what Mike said. No one in the school actually knew about us, so it was going to be a surprise to everyone. I texted Kellin and told him to meet me in the commons in the front half of our school. I held the balloons in my hand and the cupcake in the other. I felt completely ridiculous standing there like that. 

Kellin finally walked up smiling and looking confused. “What’s all this?” he asked, chuckling a little.

“Kellin Quinn,” I took a deep breath. A few people were standing around us. I was nervous as hell now with all these people watching me. “Will you please,” I was scared. “Be my amazing date to prom?” I finally asked him, giving him pleading eyes. He took the cupcake out of my hand and took a bit out of it. The longer he took, the more scared I was. 

“Yes.” finally. “I will go to prom with you.” he smiled. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and pushed out lips together, I could taste the chocolate of the cupcake on his lips, making him that much sweeter. Everyone around us were talking, some cheering or clapping, other had disgusted looks on their faces, but it didn't bother us one bit. 


The day of prom scared me even worse. What If they didn't let us in because we were a same-sex couple? I mean, people were way more accepting now, but there were still adults in our school that didn't agree with it. I picked him up and we drove to the school. We both has simple black suits on. We walked to the door and handed the teacher our tickets. She gave us and odd look. I laced my finger with Kellin’s, really hoping she didn't care about us being two male students. She finally let us pass. 

I brought him straight to the center of the room. There was a slow song playing right now, so what better timing did we have. His hands were around my shoulders and mine were on his hips. We swayed back and forth talking a little. “People keep staring.” he blushed, looking down at our feet between us. 

“Ignore them.” I whispered, and smiled. I squeezed lightly on his hips. It was crazy how skinny he was, but I was too, so I couldn't really say anything. 

“I'm trying. I just, I feel so out of place. I love being here with you, I just... I don't know.” he mumbled. I shook my head a little and kissed him on the lips. “I guess I can ignore them.” he blushed again, and reattached our lips. I held him closer, not caring about the stupid looks we got from some people. We were just like everyone else, only, two guys instead of the normal. 

We took our prom pictures and ate. Everything was literally perfect when I was with him. I really like him. He was still the shy quiet kid he was when I first saw him, but now he was more. He was my shy and quiet boyfriend. 

I don't know If I like this or not. It was requested to be super fluffy so… let me know what you think c:​

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