Albus Snivellus

Albus Potter has arrived at Hogwarts. He is famous...until Scorpius Malfoy ruins his life at Hogwarts. Will Albus be able to withstand the teasing, rumors, and everything Scorpius does to him? And will it go to far, risking both Albus as Scorpius' life?


1. The Hogwarts Express

Chapter 1: The Hogwarts Express

Albus Severus Potter stepped onto the Hogwarts Express. He took in the scene. Then he stepped into an empty compartment and waved out the window to his mom and dad.

"Um...e-excuse m-me." A soft voice said. Albus looked around and saw a girl the same age as him, with hair the color of night and bright, green eyes, like his. She was wearing a green sweatshirt and skinny jeans, and grey boots. A snowy owl, as white as well, snow, was perched on her shoulder. "I-I'm Melody. M-Melody Moonstone." The girl said. The owl hooted softly. "I'm a p-pure-blood." She put on green glasses, and pulled her hair out of her face. "U-um..." Albus was drooling. "Uh, sorry. I'm Albus Potter." Melody's eyes widened. "You're the s-son of the vanquisher of Y-You-Know-Who." Albus blushed. "Yeah, I guess."

Melody took out a sketchbook from a messenger bag next to her. She opened to a clean page. Next to that page was a drawing of a hummingbird. It was colored pink, purple, and brown. The compartment door opened. A boy with silver hair came in. "Hav-" He paused and looked at Albus, then Melody, then her drawing of a hummingbird. He sneered. "I thought there was a sense of loser in the air. Albus Potter, son of Harry Potter, already mingling with losers like Hummingbird Girl." Melody's face flushed. "I'm Scorpius. Malfoy." He smirked, and grabbed Melody's sketchbook. "No!" Melody whispered. Scorpius tore out the drawing. He ripped the paper in half. "I thought you would be more sensible, Potter, but..." he threw the paper behind his back as he headed for the door. "I guess that's that." And he left.

"Melody, I-" Albus saw Melody was crying silently, looking at her drawing. "I'm sorry." Albus said, sitting next to her. He sat there as rain started pouring outside, and a bright blue-haired boy came into the compartment. "Hey Al. We're gonna be at Hogwarts soon. You better change." And he left. Melody slipped her sweatshirt off and put her robes on over a white t-shirt. Albus put his robes on over his shirt. The train was slowing down. The rain was pouring. Albus and Melody stepped off the train. "Firs' years! Firs' years, over here!" A booming voice was yelling above the rain. Albus and Melody stopped in front of a giant man, with a giant beard, and beetle-black eyes. "Hello the-" The man gasped. "Why hello, Albus. Harry told me you'd be comin' 'ere this year." Albus blushed. More kids were crowding around the man. "I'm Hagrid." He led the group of kids to a lake filled with boats. "Four to a boat, please." After the long, wet, ride, they arrived at Hogwarts. A woman Albus knew was Professor McGonagall, the headmaster, from his many visits with his dad to Hogwarts. "Welcome to Hogwarts. In a few moments, you will be sorted into one of four houses, Gryfinndor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. Wait here please." And they waited. And then, the door to the hall opened, and Professor McGonagall led them into the Great Hall.

"When I call your name, put the hat on your head and sit at a table." She called out names, Melody and Albus nervous. "Moonstone, Melody." Melody went up to the hat, shaking. The hat whispered in her ear, "Let's see, not Hufflepuff, Slytherin, no way, hmm..." then it yelled to the hall, "GRYFINNDOR!" Albus grinned. A while later, "Potter, Albus." The hat whispered, "Not Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw, either Slytherin of Gryfinndor..." Albus thought, "Not Slytherin, please..." The hat opened its mouth.

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