Albus Snivellus

Albus Potter has arrived at Hogwarts. He is famous...until Scorpius Malfoy ruins his life at Hogwarts. Will Albus be able to withstand the teasing, rumors, and everything Scorpius does to him? And will it go to far, risking both Albus as Scorpius' life?


2. Stupefy

Chapter 2: Stupefy

"GRYFINNDOR!" The hat yelled out to the crowd of wizards and witches sitting at the tables. Albus went and sat next to Melody. Scorpius was obviously, sorted into Slytherin. After the Sorting, and the feast, Albus was rubbing his stomach. "I ate too much..." Melody giggled.

"Welcome to Hogwarts! I hope you have had a good time so far." Professor McGonagall said the rules, and everything else that was important. "Goodnight, please go to your common room and rest for the lessons tomorrow."

Albus and Melody walked to the common room, as the prefect said the password, gurdyroots. Albus and Melody went to their dormitories, and fell asleep almost at once.

The next day, they walked down to breakfast and ate pancakes while Professor Longbottom handed out schedules. "Hey Neville!" Albus said, as the professor handed him his schedule. "Hey Al. Is this your girlfriend?" Melody and Albus blushed. "Joking, joking. I see you have Potions first. Good luck." Neville walked away, as Melody asked, "You know a professor?"

"Yeah, he was one of my dad's friends at school, and helped kill Voldemort." Melody shuddered. Even after the war, some people disliked saying Voldemort's name.

"Oh, hello, Albus Snivellus, Hummingbird Girl." Scorpius walked by. Albus' heart beat fast. His dad had told him about Severus Snape, and how he helped him defeat Voldemort, but died along the way. "Don't call me that!" Albus said, walking up to Scorpius.

"Why? Afraid your dad will punish you?"

"No, other reasons. You calling Severus Snape SNIVELLUS!" Albus yelled, taking out his phoenix feather wand, which, like his father's, was taken from Fawkes, Professor Dumbledore's old phoenix. Scorpius took out his wand too. Albus heard his father's voice. 'Don't duel until you know how.' He put his wand away. He ran up to Scorpius, but was stopped by Melody. "Stop..." Albus hesitated.

"Stupefy!" Scorpius yelled. Melody was thrown backwards and hit the ground with a thud. Her lip was slowly dripping blood. Suddenly, an orange blur passed Albus and Scorpius and landed on Melody's lap. It was Fawkes. He cried on Melody's lip, causing it to heal. "Thanks." She pet Fawkes' feathers, and he flew off.

"Twenty points from Slytherin!" yelled Neville. "And a detention with me on Friday at eight o'clock sharp!" Scorpius look ashamed. Neville said to Albus and Melody, "Go to your class, okay? I'll deal with Scorpius here." Albus nodded, and helped Melody up.

"My father will hear about this!"


Chapter 2 is complete! Sorry for the more-than-month-long delay, I was really busy with school and other stuff. Summer is coming, so I'll have more time then!

Want to help me with the story? Comment suggestions and I may use them! I'll credit you, of course.

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