True Love...More like true hate.

Kailyn was being dragged to a one direction concert by her best friend Sara. What happens when she is pulled on stage and serenaded to by her least favorite member of the band although she hates them all. Will she learn to love them............


3. why?

Kailyn's P.O.V.

I was listening to them sing little white lies. I was thinking about putting headphones in my ears when a security guard came up to me and said. " miss, do you mind coming with us and leaving your hat." He said with a gentle voice. I figured I didn't have a choice, so I took my hat off and smoothed my hair down.

We walked backstage where there was four other girls there. One had electric blue hair and a kind face, while another had beach blond hair, a fake tan, and her face caked with makeup. Another was very kind looking, she had brown hair with yellow highlites and freckles. And then there was a girl with brown curly hair in a tight dress and like 10 inch heels. When one direction finished their song the security guard pulled me towards a chair in the middle of the stage with the frail brunette on my left and the blue haired girl on my right. The boys came out and spoke into a microphone.

" tonite we decided to choose five girls to sing little things too. We want to show them that you are all princesses. Now may we know each of your names. I picked this girl, what is your name sweetie" Louis said standing in front of me.

" uh...... My name is Kailyn." I said nervously. Why had he choose me? Harry had picked the curly brunette in the tight dress whose name was Julianne, Niall had picked the kind looking brunette whose name was Ava, Zayn had picked the girl with blue hair whose name was Jesy, and Liam had picked the bleach blond. They started singing and when he did Louis looked me straight in the eyes with sincerity, but I still hadn't forgotten what Louis did to me everyday in eight grade. He probably didn't remember but I do. That's why I hate him so much.

What happened was Louis and I were best friends and did everything together, and then we started dating. But after a few weeks my ex, Kieffer, told me he wanted me back , but I was happy with Louis. I had thought I loved him. Anyway, Kieffer stopped me and wouldn't let me go by, and then he kissed me and wouldn't let go. I tried my hardest to get away, but I couldn't he was too strong. Then Louis happened to walk in. He never let me explain. Then, for the rest of the time he was home he would bully me. He called me far and ugly. I admit I did weigh a lot then, but I knew I wasn't ugly. Then, he left for the X-Factor and I hadn't saw him since now.

After the concert I went up to him. "I guess you don't remember me. My name isn't just Kailyn. It's Kail, or at least that's what you called me when we were dating." I said getting up in his face.

"What are you..........." He said his face going blank.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. I see you like me again when I lose a few pounds, change my hair, and wear makeup. You disgust me Louis Tomlinson." I said walking away.

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