True Love...More like true hate.

Kailyn was being dragged to a one direction concert by her best friend Sara. What happens when she is pulled on stage and serenaded to by her least favorite member of the band although she hates them all. Will she learn to love them............


1. One Direction?

Kailyn's P.O.V.

*Beep Beep*

My alarm went off for the fourth time this morning. It's hard for a 17 year old to get up at ten. I had to get up to go to lunch with my best friend Sara. She said she has some exciting news for me. I dragged myself out of bed and looked in the mirror. Oh god did I look back. See, I am a big tomboy but I do care about how I looked. I dressed in black shorts with a white tank that had a picture of a shark saying feed me. I also wore spiked combat boots. My hair finally straightened down and I put a black beanie over it. I grabbed my skateboard and slid down the railing.

"Bye dad, I'm going for lunch with Sara" I said walking out the door. I love with my dad because my parents are divorced. Also, because my mom is currently in jail for soliciting drugs. I skated down to the nearest nandos to eat with Sara.

I walked in and Sara was waving frantically to get my attention. I ran over to her and took a seat. A waiter came and took our orders, but before leaving he winked at me. I rolled my eyes because it was Joey Shofield, the jock in our school who's always hitting on me. When our food was brought to us and we started eating Sara gasped.

"So, do you want to know why I called you here?" Sara spoke excitingly. I nodded still being tired from getting up so 'early.' "my mom got me.........wait for it..............One Direction Tickets!" Sara said so happily I thought she might burst! "Aren't you excited because she said I can bring one friend and I am picking you!"

I rolled my eyes. I hated one direction with a burning passion. They are so perky and happy, and have nothing wrong with their lives. My dad works two jobs just to pay rent. My moms in jail. They all have the perfect family. "Do I have to............." I whined.

"Yes, you do because I am your best friend and you love me" she said with a smirk on her face.

"Fine..............................." I groaned so loudly Joey came over.

"How are you fine ladies doing on this fine day. " he winked.

"Just great Joey, you know what would make it even greaaaater?" I flirted playfully

"What?" He asked.

"For leave" I Said close in his face and then pushed him away. Sara and I payed the bill and then walked out. On the way out she said,

"So, you will come with me right" she asked

".......yes" I sighed.

"Yay. The concerts saturday at five we can get ready at 2 together."

"Great, see you then" I said before skating away. I have to go to a concert to see five people I hate most in the world.

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