True Love...More like true hate.

Kailyn was being dragged to a one direction concert by her best friend Sara. What happens when she is pulled on stage and serenaded to by her least favorite member of the band although she hates them all. Will she learn to love them............


2. Concert Time

Kailyn's P.O.V.


"Wake up sleep head" Sara screamed while jumping on me. "It's already two. We have to get ready for the concert." I groaned and rolled out of bed onto the floor.

"Do I have to" I whined.

"You have too. Now let's get ready." She said smiling and pushed me in the shower. I washed my hair and body. My purple cheetah robe was hanging on the door, so I put that on and walked. Sara was dressed in short shorts with a black shredded shirt that had a picture of one direction on it. Her hair was down as usual. She had picked out black jeans, my spiked combat boots, a leather jacket, and a grey shredded shirt with Louis Tomlinson on it. I was going to shoot myself. Out of the band he was the worst. With his voice and flippy hair, so steryotypical.

We hopped in Sara's red jeep. She blasted the music to one direction's new cd Midnight Memories. I groaned. When we got to the stadium it was four. We spent the last hour talking about school starting next week. We were finally seniors. I mean as much as I hated school it was our senior year. One direction came out on stage singing midnight memories. I sighed and slumped down.

Louis's P.O.V.

I was singing midnight memories when I looked in the front row. There was a very pretty girl with white hair bouncing to our song. Next to her was a gorgeous girl with brown hair and beautiful blue eyes slumped in her chair who looked like she'd rather be thrown in a snake out then be here.

"Did you pick your girl out" Harry asked curiously. I nodded with a smile, I was going to make this girl love us. We all decided to pick out one girl from the crowd to serenade her to little things, bring her roses, and put a crown on her head. To show them that everyone is a princess.

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