Acacia Russet is the Schools Nerd. She only has a couple of friends there. She meets the most perfect boy she could ever find. Will she ever get over her past? Or will she get her heart broke ?


1. Chapter 1

"Alright Class. Let's go over our assignment for this week."

Hello! My name is Acacia. I'm in history right now, one of my favourite classes.

But I honestly dislike my teacher, Mr. Wilky.

All he does is yell! I just can't stand him!

Anyways, I have 2 best friends, Jen and Jc.

They are my closest friends right now since everyone practically hates me at this school. I guess they just don't like my appearance.

We only had 5 minutes left in class and I was beyond ready to go. The bell finally rung and it was time for lunch.

I ran out to the hallway and went to find my locker. I walked by people calling me names like'Metal Face' and 'Emo' but I really didn't care.

"Hey Acacia!" I heard Jc say.

"Hey Jc. What's for lunch today?"

"Just Salad and Mac and Cheese. What kind of since does that make anyways?"

I giggled and saw Jen run up as I was putting my stuff into my locker.

"Sup Russet?" She tried to say all cool but failed horribly.

"For One, never say that again, and Hi." Jen's my bestie but she just needs to stop it. Like Now.

"Let's go sit. Yea?"

"Yeah let's go. I've got a craving for some stale cheese and pasta." I said giggling.

We all walked to the Cafeteria and went and sat down. No one is ever gonna eat that disgusting food anyways. I was sitting by Jc while Jen was sitting by her boyfriend Sam. That boy was flawless but hey, at least Jen got a catch.

I saw the rudest bitch in the world, Skylar, in a short plaid skirt, a black Cami, and a red blazer. She is absolutely dreadful. She's always bullying me for no apparent reason. I don't even know why!

She looked me straight in the eye and just smiled her evil little smirk and walked away. Her crew following right behind her. She is so stuck up!

"She is so hot!" Said Jc.

"Hey Pretty Boy, you know I hate her. Now stop drooling over yourself and go get an actual girlfriend." I said.

"I'm just kidding with you Ace! I don't like whores like that."

"Glad you know that now."

Lunch was over about 30 minutes after we were talking. I had to go Math now.

When I arrived at my class, I saw some one that was unfamiliar. He was a new student. And sadly I was sitting right next to him.

"Good Afternoon Class, if you didn't notice, we have a new student. Stand up and tell the class about your self."

"Well, Um, I'm Ashton. I'm 17 and I love to play the drums." I feel like I'm in 3rd grade all over again.

So his name is Ashton. He's pretty cute. His hair is in a black beanie, sticking out around the sides. He has on a tank top that says Ramones and grey sweat pants with grey Vans.

He sits down looks at me and smiles. I smile back but look down blushing. He leaned over and said,"What's your name beautiful?"

I almost fainted, don't ask why, because he was actually talking me! No one cute ever talks to me!

"It's Acacia. Nice to meet you." I can't believe that just went well just talking to him. He has a lip ring and an eyebrow piercing. Kind of like me. But it looks sexier on him.

His arm is filled with tattoos. I'm surprised the office didn't tell him to cover up.

"Pretty name for a pretty girl." He said. I immediately started blushing. I noticed his deep Australian accent. Now that is a turn on for me.

"Thanks. I really love your accent." Why did I just say that!!? I mentally face palmed myself.

"Thanks Love, yours isn't so bad yourself."

"American accents are lame. I wish I had a British accent. It would make me cooler."

"Your beauty is enough for me." Why is he flattering me? I'm not that pretty.

"Stop flirting with me. Your just too much."

"Excuse me Mrs.Russet. What did I just say?"

"Um, U-hh. You said that." Ashton cut me off,"You said that the circumference of a circle equals radius squared times 2."

"Good Job Ashton! I'm starting too like you so far. As for you Acacia, you need to pay attention."

"I'm sorry Mrs. Crawford. I won't do it again."

She turned back around and starting teaching again.

"Thanks." I whispered to Ashton.

"No problem. I lost my number so can I have yours?"

I just started giggling and said," Oldest trick in the book hun. But sure."

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