You feared me. Now I fear you.

Jeanine Matthews had the power at the touch of a button, had the determination to destroy the lives of many divergents. But when she is targeted by Tris's revenge, will she reveal the source of all of her elimination, will she shut down in the midst of confrontation by her one true enemy...her fear? What will happen when she herself has to face her most deep and darkest fears, fears that she didn't even know that she had?
I am selfish. I am brave. I am the destruction of the Divergent. I am cowardice.


1. Be Brave,

The speed of my heartbeat was unlogically fast. My eyes blurred, it was so sudden. She came at me from behind. That girl. That divergent. Her hand gripping the licquid filled needle, the sharp pain in my neck. I watched as her knuckles turned white with force. The determination in her tone as she said it, her lip quiverring. "Be brave" she whisperd, her final breath blending with the air as the world turned white .

I stood there. My mind calculating all posibilities, revising all soloutions. I created this. I could escape it. But the truth was that I had invented only the portal to this place, the illusion coated licquid that focused your brain on fear. I could not escape my own mind. And so I was stranded between two choices. Escape. Or stay...forever. There wasn't even a question, no consideration, I had seen the damage. I had to resist my own minds instict. I had to be divergent.

I close my eyes. I didn't know what to expect, but it wasn't this. Silence. Calmness. Nothingness. Something had to happen, of course it did. I reopen my sight, foccousing. The same white light, maddening. There was no logic, not even a spared thought in the back of my mind that could conclude in an answer to this plainess. Nothing. I close my eyes again, sighing heavily. Thats what they did. But then came the reality. I was not them. I was their destoryer. And at this moment in time I wished for the force of my enemy. Silence. My brain unable to calculate a single thought. The squelling vibration of pulse transporting through my head. Defaning. Fear number one. Not knowing the answer. Not predicting the possible, the impossible. Not having control. I feared nothingness.

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