The Demons

It is the way you look your psychiatrist in the eyes.


2. 01. Laugh lines

24/04 2013

I’m not a 100% sure why I’m doing this?
They told me it would make me happy. They promised me the moon. They promised them gone.
The truth? I don’t believe a word of it. “The truth isn't always the reality. It is your version of the truth, and you shall therefore not trust the truth, but the reality”
The reality? I have demons inside of me. Three demons. The Element of a Fairy Tale. ((This is not very fairy tale-ish. This is hell)) They make my life a fairy tale and I have to stay positive. This is a fairy tale and I have to fight for the princess and the kingdom. The demons are just an obstacle showing everyone I’m capable of fighting. I need to fight them. I need to kill them.
They have already given themselves names. They aren’t my offspring. They just choose to live in my head until they find something better. They think they've done me a favor. They know things I don’t. When I tell those things people ((think I’m crazy)) know it is the demons speaking and not be. The most important part that I must remember is that the demons aren't me.
They are only a part of me. I must remember to enjoy those little things in life that makes me happy, so I don’t let my demons override everything and control my life; control my feelings.          

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