Deathly Bows


1. Scout Johnson

     There she lay, blood rushing down her neck, her hands were cold and wet. She leapt forward but before she could bite me I stuck a knife in her neck. She was a beautiful girl blonde, blue eyes, and skinny. I think her name was Savannah I only knew her for a few days before she joined our group. I dragged her body into the river and headed for the camper. Mike was waiting at the top of the hill getting ready to head out of our camp.

         My name is Scout Johnson I used to work at a farm with my wife and two kids. My son Jamie is six years old and my daughter Kasey is eight. My wife came down with a cold about six months ago and was one of the first to get it. In our group, there is Linda, Jesse, Mike, Tom, Josie, & me. We lived a short three months at the river but we were attacked last night and lost ten.

      Mike was the one who decided it was time to leave. He said he saw a farm not to far up the road and decided we check it out. I never really liked him, he was my neighbor since I was a little kid and he lived with his parents until the world changed. Yes I did buy my parents house after they passed on so it doesn't really count. Mike always considers he is the leader when really its just us working together. Honestly, he's never really understood how to share. Jesse is a few years younger than I am and has bought eggs from our farm for a really long time. His wife Linda is almost twenty-five years older than him but I guess if they're happy does it really matter? I guess to them it doesn't. Josie is Twenty- six and is a total drug addict. I don't know how she lives now maybe she takes the nutmeg from the cabinets or something like that. Tom doesn't speak much other than swears. He's actually really good at fighting. 

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