Deathly Bows


2. Hollow Hill

         Mike took his knife and we headed up the road that stated Hollow Hill Road.  We made our way towards the farm and came very close to it. "Look!" Linda whispered as she pointed towards the farm. It was a woman she had red hair and green eyes, it seemed as if she was gardening. Mike snuck up behind her and shouted "Hey!" she screamed and jumped up with the garden fork thinking he was one of those things. She was relieved to see it was a real person "Who are you?" she asked "We were looking for a place to stay, I'm Mike, thats Linda, Tom, Jesse, Josie, and Scout." He replied "Um, okay. Let me get my father. Stand back that fence is electrical. It keeps the roamers out.

     She came back out later with an older looking man with a concerned look on his face. "Hello. I'm Harvey, my daughter here is Lana, and my wife Katrina is in the kitchen. He said "How long have you guys been here?" I asked "All my life why?" Harvey replied "I didn't think anyone would last out here that long." I responded. "Well yeah we've lived here a long time and we grow vegetables out here for food." Lana stated "So can we stay or not?" Mike asked.

      "I guess so. Lana go get the cots and they can stay in the barn." Harvey asked her "Why can't we stay in the house" Linda Inquired "We don't want some strangers under the same roof as us and thats final." he replied

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