Bad Boy, Good Lips

Megan, was a American girl that had to move to Ireland because of her parents promotion.


2. Chapter 2.

Megan's Pov.

I rolled my eyes and ripped out the paper and crumbled it up and set it aside. So I can maybe try to take notes on this movie. I grabbed my pen and wrote a few things about the movie, then continued to watch it, hopping that Niall wouldnt distract me throughout the rest of the class.

Suddenly, Niall grabs my pen and notebook again and scribbles down something and passes it back.

Give me your number so we can explore how well you are on your knees ;) x

Shocked by his request I grab my pen from his hand then scribbled down a few numbers 

9.1.1 xx

I passed it back and he smirks at me, before scribbling something down. He passes it back as he looks at me.

Sassy, are we? I like that ;)

I take the pen and scribble down my response.


The bell rang everyone stood up and walked out except for Lilly, I think she is waiting. I hope.

I stood up and grabbed my notebook until Niall grabs my hand, "Number?" he demanded for the second time.

"No." I said in an annoyed tone as I ripped my hand out of his grip. Heading towards Lilly I glance over my shoulder to see Niall standing there smirking at me before walking away.

"What class your going next?" she asked.

"Umm, I think I have gym " I reply.

She laughs. "I have gym."

We both laughed and started to walk to the gym. I heard loud footsteps behind us, glanced to see Niall following us.

"So I seen you and Niall talking." Lilly interrupt the silence.

"Yeah."I said.

"Please stay away."she muttered.

"Why?"I asked her.

"He is trouble."she claimed, I look behind me and he was no longer behind us. "Should I know why?"I asked.

"He had sex with every single girl in this school."she replied. I can practically taste her accent.

Sex, With every girl?

Lilly turned the corner into the locker room and started to find her locker, "You can share with me until the coach gets back."

I nod.


I was the last girl to walk out of the locker room. I looked down at my feet while leaving the room.

"Hello."I heard someone say. I look up and notice Niall, in gym shorts and a tight white tank that easily showed his muscles .


What am I saying, shut up Megan.He is trouble.

"H..hi."I stammered.

He takes a step forward to me as I step back until my back hits the wall.

"I still want your number."he sternly said.

"Well keep wanting."I snapped.

"Oh? Your that type of girl."he said with a little smirk.

"What type?"I questioned.

"Playing hard to get."he said as he stepped closer bringing his lip ring between his teeth.

I look at his lips and in his eyes.

"I know you want me."he said.

" I dont."I said trying to keep calm.

"Its all over your face Meg."he siad.

Did he just call me Meg?

Oh dear.

I felt his hand grabbed my waist and the other on my neck. He pushes himself against me until I felt his hard on. He puts his forehead against mine, I can smell his bubble mint breath against my nose.

Suddenly, his lips tips mine and he steps back leaving me speechless. A smirk lies across his face as he walks into the gym.

"Shit!" I mumbled.

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