My story of eternal pain

I'm going to tell my story. How i live with cancer, and how i'm fighting it every day, and how i been thinking about life and death.


4. The moment

I woke up in a bed at the hospital. I was so confused, and scared. I didn't know where I was, and all the doctors freaked me out. I looked around, and sore my mom. Her and one of the doctors came over to me, and asked how i felt. "I think my head is going to explode, but i'm okay."                        "We are going to get you to scan, and then we'll figure out what to do." the doctor explained.


When i came back from the scan, the doctor didn't look happy. "Okay, we found something at the scan. You have a tumor in your memory-center. We are going to do all we can to help you, but you have to fight. Can you do that?"                                                                                                                       "Yes" I answered scared.

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