My story of eternal pain

I'm going to tell my story. How i live with cancer, and how i'm fighting it every day, and how i been thinking about life and death.


13. Suicide

I haven't told you much about my past. 4 years ago, I started to think of suicide. It was before I got cancer, and before I met Jonas. I was the girl that nobody liked. Everyone hated me, and I just wanted it to stop. My mom and dad used to fight all the time, and they didn't cared about me. Once, some girls from my class spreed a rumor about me. So one day I felt so tied of life, and took some peels. I wasn't supposed to wake up again . But I did. I have only told that to one person, Jonas. 

After that it got better. The girls who started it all, chanced school. After that, everyone was nice to me. And then a new guy started in our class. I think you guys, already has figured out, who the new guy was. Jonas.

I have never told you guys how we met, but now i will.


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