My story of eternal pain

I'm going to tell my story. How i live with cancer, and how i'm fighting it every day, and how i been thinking about life and death.


6. A day without pain

Hey People

Today has been a good day. I could have one day where i didn't feel any pain. One day where i forgot that I was gonna die. One perfect day where i forgot about the time. I'm using a lot of my time thinking about the future, and how i'm not gonna be there. I'm not gonna see my little sis get married. I' not gonna see how the world will chance. I'm not gonna see a lot of things, but i hope tat the people i love will. I hope they gonna be happy. I hate myself for being the reason why they are so depress. But there is nothing i can do.....

Today my friends acted like everything was okay. They did not look at me with pity in their eyes. I loved it. Since I told them that i got cancer, they acted different around me. It was like they thought i could die every second. 

But as i said, it has been a good day. And i have enjoyed it, because it isn't very often i have a good day.

    Goodnight People, sweet dreams.

    See you tomorrow.


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