My story of eternal pain

I'm going to tell my story. How i live with cancer, and how i'm fighting it every day, and how i been thinking about life and death.


10. A bad day

Today has been a bad day. When I woke up, i thought about Jonas. I've been crying the hole day. Even when I'm writhing this, I can't stop crying. When I cry, i feel all the pain. Today i couldn't take the pain, so i fated. It was also because I had cried so much, so I was dehydrated. I'm so tied after all the crying, and just wanna sleep. So I'm not gonna write so much. The reason why I thought about Jonas. when i woke up, was because i dreamed about him. I relived it all over again. My parents didn't know what to do, so the called after my shrink. we talked until I collapsed in tears, and nobody could understand what i was saying. 

Now I'm just sitting crying in frond of my computer, and telling myself to be strong. But i can't. I'm to tied, so I'm gonna go to sleep. 


- Amalie

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