Diana is just a normal girl who lives in England. Well normal that's not exactly a word for her, she's a party girl and what happens when she meets Niall Horan and instantly falls in love with him. Even though he does not know who she is she has these feelings , she doesn't know how to control them. She slowly starts becoming a directioner even though she hated them before, what happens when they meet again? Read on to find out!! Xxx


1. chapter 1

Diana's P.O.V


I down my last shot with a groan, a cheer erupts through out the room and I laugh staggering into the living room plopping on the couch. I look beside me to see a blonde. I shrug and rub my temple with two fingers.

"You okay love?" A thick Irish voice rings. I look beside me too see the blonde beside me looking at we worriedly.

"Headache.." I mumble looking at him confused.

"Oh, I was going to ask you how you got it but we're at a party and I saw you downing like 10 to15 shots." He chuckles.

" yea ... Can I get that bucket?" I say pointing to the bin/bucket thing. He looks at me confused.

"Um okay.." He picks up the bucket and passes it to me, "I don't know why you would need a-" he goes to say before I throw up in it. "Oh.." He Mumbles feeling a little awkward I think. I sit back up and run a hand through my hair.

"Ugh." I groan.

"Um, are you okay?" He asks looking at me as he places a hand on my back.

"Well I'm better now." I giggle placing the bucket on the floor and leaning back, "so what's your name?" I ask looking at him.

"The name is Niall." He smiles.

"I'm Diana." I say smiling.

"That's a beautiful name.." He mumble pressing his lips against my hand. I blush wildly at his touch.

" t-thankyou.." I stutter he chuckles and turns around when he hears someone shout his name.

"Yea mate?!" He shouts to a curly haired boy at the door.

"We need to leave before people start to sober up!" The boy with a English accent shouts back. They looked familiar but I was too wasted to match faces to names. Niall stands up looking at me.

"Well it was nice to meet you love..." He says kissing me on the cheek. "Till next time Hun." He smiles a large smile and leaves following another four boys out the door.

Who was that boy... All I know that his name was Niall. But he was cute.. And nice.. I need to know who this Niall is!

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