Never getting tired of you

Nathan was a quiet lad with dark secrets. He never thought that anybody cared about him, he didn't have any friends until one day he met a girl who changed him and taught him how to love.


3. walk home

I got my bag and swung it over my shoulder. I noticed Nathan leaving the school. I skipped towards him.

"Hey" I smiled. He looked at me surprised. I could tell though that he was sort of happy that I came.

"Hi," he said, looking down and messing up his hair with his hands. "Why are you walking with me?"

"Why not?" I replied. I didn't actually know why. I guess I was just fascinated by this boy. "You want some?" I offered him some gum. He nodded and took the strip out of the packet and plopped it in his mouth.

"Thanks..." Nathan chewed, being very polite. "Where do you live?"

"On the main road, you?" I replied, unable to stop smiling.

"Block of flats," he pointed to where you could see his flat above all the other house. I nodded. We both then spilt paths. He seemed like a nice guy.

Nathan's POV:

I waved bye to Zoe as I walked down the alleyway between two houses. I didn't understand why she kept coming up to me. It must be her friends trying to mess with my head. To be honest I didn't care if she was just doing it to just impress her mates because I liked the company. I'll probably regret it in a few days.

I could hear footsteps behind me.

"Oi, scumbag," I heard a cackle. It was some girls from school. "Rumour has it that you already completed the essay?"

I knew what was coming next. They'd threaten me until I give them my work to copy. I didn't want to get into any trouble so I just walked away, putting my hood up.

"Oi! Get back here!" She demanded. I kept walking, without looking back but they were creeping closer to me so I started running. The girls chased me until I got to a dead end. One of them was laughing so horribly it wasn't even cool. The one who was calling me names grabbed my rucksack and snatched it off me. She opened the zipper and tipped out all that was inside, my books, lunch, money. She eventually found my homework and placed it into her own bag. I bent down to pick up my things but someone hit my hand away and then pinned me to the wall. The main girl who stole my work then took my money which was really making me angry. It wasn't like I could do anything, the one pinning me was already pressing so hard on my bruises from last night, it hurt so much. And I didn't want to make a scene so I held in all my rage.

"Liv?" A familiar voice called coming round the corner. It was Zoe. I knew she'd be on their side, I knew she was only acting like my friend. I sighed, bracing myself for what could come next. "What are you doing?" She asked, looking at me up and down. "Get off him!" She yelled pushing away the girl holding me up against the wall.

"Whoa chill zo!" The so-called Olivia laughed, holding out her arms as if to say 'I surrender'. "We're done anyway," she rolled her eyes and started to walk away.

"What were you doing to him?" Zoe questioned further, helping me pick up my stuff. Olivia shrugged and continued walking with all her mates. "Get back here!" Zoe shouted. Olivia turned around and sniggered.

"Come on zo, you're not serious?" Liv giggled.

"Do you really want to be a bully? He's so innocent so just leave him alone and give him back his stuff okay?"

"Or what?" Olivia said, looking at all her friends.

"Or nothing, you give him his stuff right now! I'm not afraid to make you,"

"Zo, why have you changed all of a sudden?"

"Oh I'm not the one who changed!" Zoe said, charging at her. Olivia looked panicked. This made me so happy. Zoe, started tugging on Olivia's bag but she wouldn't let go. Zoe then kicked her ankle so that she'd fall to the ground. This made me even more happy.

"Ouch!" She screamed in pain. I was so tempted to video this but I knew it was wrong. Zoe went rummaging through her bag and got out my work. She didn't know about the money so she didn't bother taking that. She then threw the bag at Olivia's face.

"I doubt you liked that, but you deserved it, he didn't which is even worse!" Zoe yelled. She then turned around to face me. I was smiling so much, I don't think I've ever been this happy. My cheeks were hurting. I decided I liked Zoe after that, I mean she did just show who was boss.

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