Never getting tired of you

Nathan was a quiet lad with dark secrets. He never thought that anybody cared about him, he didn't have any friends until one day he met a girl who changed him and taught him how to love.


33. the morning after

Nathan's POV:

This morning was strange enough. I instantly regretted telling Zoe everything. She'll never see me the same way again! She'll start feeling sympathetic for me and would never want to hug me or kiss me again. I went into the kitchen to make some breakfast when I noticed a bracelet lying by the sink where we had the water fight last night. I picked it up and examined it.

"Dammit," I mumbled to myself. Zoe must have left it. I heard the keys in the lock twist. Mum was home early, she was suppose to be back on Monday and today was Saturday.

"That was as waste of journey," she exclaimed, addressing it to nobody in the room. She came into the kitchen, probably to fetch a drink, and instantly focused on the piece of jewellery I was holding. "What's that?" She asked, wincing a smile. I hid it behind my back hoping she hadn't seen it.

"Nothing," I replied. "How was... Wherever you been to?"

"My own son doesn't know where I went? Gosh," she laughed. It was her own fault, she never actually told me where she was going. "Now stop changing the subject and tell me what's behind your back mister," mum said, grabbing my arm and taking the bracelet out of my hands. She checked it to see whether it was hers or not.

"What's this?" She asked with a more angry tone. I shrugged. She grabbed me by my T-shirt and pulled me towards her. "Have you been having girls round? Do you have a girlfriend even though you are fifth teen?!"

"I'm sixteen," I interrupted. I got a big slap in the face.

"I don't even know who you are anymore! You've got girlfriend?!" she sniggered, letting me go and grasping her hair.

"You're one to talk, having a new boy friend every day" I shouted back, I knew I shouldn't and I knew it would end badly but after hearing my story last night out loud, I needed to change it, I didn't care for the consequences. "You go out with men all the time! You brought me up this way what do you expect! I have a horrible life because of you-"

"You're father left us with nothing! I had nobody! I did an awful lot for you, you should be grateful! But instead you're just selfish!"

"Why am I selfish? I never did anything wrong to you?"

"You were born" and after that I was silent.

Zoe's POV:

I woke up this morning saddened by last night. I couldn't stop picturing Nathan's mum, hurting him in the way he described. I got out of bed, wiping my saw eyes that were covered in a crust of sleep. I changed, slipping on a T-shirt and jeans. I went to my dresser and searched top to bottom for my bracelet. I sighed as I realised I left it at Nathan's. I'll just go round and collect it later, if it wouldn't be too awkward. I ran downstairs, for breakfast.

"Morning mum, morning dad," I forced a smile, kissing them both on the cheek, as though nothing was wrong or bothering me. Dad smiled but mum looked like she was going to kill me.

"Where were last night?" She asked me. Dad instantly planted his head into his hands.

"I told you already sweetheart, she was at a friends house for tea," dad said, covering up for me.

"I wasn't asking you, honey, I want to hear it from our daughter," mum re worded what she was saying, eating her breakfast whilst giving me a stare that kinda freaked me out.

"I was at a friends house for tea ," I repeated dad.

"Which friend?"

"Some girl from school, you don't know her," I said, looking down so that hopefully she wouldn't notice I was lying.

"Well I should god damn well know her if my little girl is having tea at her house and her house is the same building as the friend we banned our little girl from seeing and if she's keeping our little girl until 11 o'clock!" Mum exclaimed, standing up and chucking her spoon in her bowl.

"You followed me?"

"Of course I did, you were all dressed up! I didn't believe your father, excuse me for that, but I am glad I followed cause now I know the truth! You went to see Nathan-"


"You had a date with him-"

"NO! Mum have you heard yourself?! You're openly admitted you followed me last night!" I shouted. "I'm done with this," I said, repelling my toast. "I don't want to ever talk to you! My own mother doesn't even trust me?!" I ran upstairs to my bedroom. I was so mad. I cried into a pillow. I hated my parents. I hated them!

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