Never getting tired of you

Nathan was a quiet lad with dark secrets. He never thought that anybody cared about him, he didn't have any friends until one day he met a girl who changed him and taught him how to love.


6. Records, albums and more

Zoe's POV:

We were walking down to the shop. Nathan was very quiet but then again he didn't seem like a chatty guy. I liked him, he was different to most of the boys in my class. He had his hood up again, and a little satchel around his shoulder.

We went down this street with a terrace of shops. I thought it might be one of these but we walked right past them. Eventually we came face to face with this black door in the wall. It had a couple of leaflets and posters stuck on it. Nathan smiled as he opened it. There was a narrow staircase leading down to a sort of cellar. This wasn't what I was expecting.

"Nate!" One of the shop owners said. Nathan smiled. "You brought a friend! How many times did we say to tell your friends about this place and finally you did," he smiled, hugging Nathan in a manly way. This man had a huge beer belly and was wearing a vest top and medallion. He had a few gold teeth and didn't look friendly though he sounded friendly.

"Zoe this is Freddie, he owns the 'shop' , and Freddie this is Zoe...." Nathan said, not introducing me as his friend.

"Nice to meet you," I said to the guy. I started flicking through the vinyl selection.

"You got Dion Mucci yet?" Nathan asked Freddie.

"Sorry Nate, you know it's a dead record! It's hard to find, I promise that as soon as I get it, which I will, I will keep it on hold just for you," he spat. I really didn't like this guy. He was gross.

"Thanks," Nathan grinned.

"Who's Dion Mucci?" I asked him, hoping he would tell me.

"I don't really know much about the guy but his music's pretty good... There's this one song 'Only you Know', it's so beautiful! I want it played at my funeral," Nathan went into a day dream. I smiled at this, he was so cute.

"You already decided what song you're having played at your funeral?" I giggled.

"Laugh all you want but you could die at any moment without knowing what's going to played when your coffin's travelling down the aisle. The church will probably have a gospel choir sing instead," he said, so pessimistic.

"Wow..." I answered to his little speech, amazed. "You're very deep... It's... It's..." I didn't know how to end my sentence. Nathan eyed me carefully, waiting for me to finish. "It's unique," I laughed.

Nathan smiled. I could tell he took it as a compliment which he should.

Nathan's POV:

Zoe liked this place a lot more than I thought she would. She was proper going through the albums. I had her all figured out before I got to know her, thought she'd be one of those girls like Olivia but she was way unexpected. To be honest I kind of liked Zoe but probably because she's the only person who has spent so much time with me.

I heard her scream. I looked instantly in her direction. She pulled out an album of a group or singer she obviously liked. I went over to look.

"Who's The Strokes?" I asked, staring at their cover.

"A band I love!"

"You're not into stuff like one direction or Justin Bieber or whatever... Are you?" I sighed.

"No, no," Zoe reassured me. "People think my music taste is weird,"

"That just means you've got good taste," I told her pretty confindently.

"What's your taste? Dion Mucci sounds classical?" Zoe asked me. I laughed because it was really not classical.

"I differ from music types, I can go from listening to punk rock to smooth tunes," I said, quite happy with my response.

"Any particular groups?" Zoe asked as if she was dying to say hers.

"Nope, just a bunch of old time records..." I replied. "You?"

"Well I am a big nirvana basher," she blushed.

"We actually have a few of their stuff," Freddie yelled from behind the counter. Zoe smiled a huge smile.

"Oh god if I only I knew I was coming here, I would of brought money," she sighed, turning her ginormous grin into a frown.

"You don't even have like any spare change? I'm sure he could do you a good deal?" I asked, looking at Freddie.

"All I have is a few 20p's and some gum... And I'm sure that isn't worth a nirvana record," Zoe shrugged. "It doesn't matter I'll just come back another day," I nodded and continued to look through the cd's.

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