Never getting tired of you

Nathan was a quiet lad with dark secrets. He never thought that anybody cared about him, he didn't have any friends until one day he met a girl who changed him and taught him how to love.


2. Nathan

Zoe's POV:

I could hear, faintly, the sound of the my music playing swiftly, gradually getting louder and louder indicating that it was morning and time for school. I got up and went to my stereo and pressed pause on my iPod. I got my dressing gown and went downstairs where I could smell fluffy pancakes being cooked.

"Morning sweetheart," my dad winked at me. "You hungry?"

I shrugged, sitting down at the table with my glass of fresh orange juice and napkin on my plate. Mum came in the kitchen.

"Hey Zoe," she smiled. "You sleep well?" She said whilst kissing my cheek then going over to my father. I nodded as dad placed the first pancake on my plate and handed me the toppings: Nutella, jam, sugar, lemon. I felt greedy this morning and ate 2 whole pancakes. I rushed into my bedroom afterwards, and started getting ready for school. I did my make up and hair and then brushed my teeth and got my bag, which I had only just bought at the weekend. I waved bye to mum and dad and then scurried to my bus stop to find my friend, Olivia, waiting there.

"Hey zo zo," Olivia grinned, hugging me tight. "Wow! Your bag is so nice!" I twirled around to show it off.

"Tell me about it!" I smiled.

"How much?" Liv raised one eyebrow.

"£45....?" I squinted. "I know it's a bit pricey but look at it! So worth the pay..."

"And I'm guessing it's your mum and dad who bought it?" She rolled her eyes. I nodded guiltily. "Eurgh quick! Don't look behind you!"

"Why what?" I curiously asked, turning around to see some tatty boy walking over to the bus stop.

"It's that tramp Nathan!" Liv smirked. I looked over at him again, trying to figure out why she called him a tramp. Maybe it was the joggers or the reeboks or just the way his hair was, scruffy. He looked upset. I wanted to talk to him, see if he was alright but it was obvious Olivia didn't like him so I just kept quiet.

Later that day, I saw Nathan again. I didn't actually realise until Olivia pointed it out, that he was in my English group. He had his head on the table and was twisting a pound coin between his finger and thumb. Liv wasn't around so I guess it would be alright to talk to him.

"Hi.." I started off by saying. He looked up at me with these puppy eyes. He sat up straight.

"Hi.." He answered back, smiling a bit.

"I'm Zoe by the way,"

"I know..." He replied by surprise. He then lay back on the desk.

"You okay?" I asked him, sitting on the stool beside him.

"Tired, didn't get much sleep last night. You?" Nathan answered. He seemed to be so much more than tired.

"Erm yeah I suppose..." I replied. We were just quiet after that, a long pause waiting for somebody else to talk. I gave up and went over to my friends, but I couldn't help but keep looking back at him.

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