Never getting tired of you

Nathan was a quiet lad with dark secrets. He never thought that anybody cared about him, he didn't have any friends until one day he met a girl who changed him and taught him how to love.


26. Monday

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face, like I did yesterday. It was weird waking up happy. Normally I cry myself to sleep and wake up annoyed that I have another day to pull through. Nothing could ruin this, not even my mum who hasn't been home for a couple of days. Plus my black eye was healing really fast! I got up and changed. I grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl as my breakfast (it was a little bruised but so was I and I'm fine so should it) and ate it whilst walking to the school bus stop. Olivia wasn't here. Result! Today couldn't get any better.

I arrived at school. I saw Zoe's car pull up on the curb outside the school gates. I smiled hello but her dad gave me an evil look telling me to back off. So I did but continued smiling. Zoe waved bye to her dad and waited until he drove off to come up to me. She ran. I kinda just stood there like a statue and let her jump on me and hug me.

"Hey," I managed to say.

"Hi," she said whilst kissing my cheek. "How are you?"

"Amazing... I feel like the king of the world" I replied. She smiled.

"Me too, although I'm more like the queen of the world?"

"So long that your my queen," I said, hugging her and smelling her hair.

"Seems like somebody has forgotten rule no.1? No being too romantic," Zoe laughed, though I knew she liked what I said. I nodded.

"I forgot," I told her. We then went separate ways to our different classes. I walked through the corridors, a smile still glued to my face until it happened. I bumped into this gorilla man. He towered over me casting a shadow. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me into the lockers and then walked off laughing with his mates. I brushed my clothes and continued walking. A different boy, Cliff I think his name was? He was following the boy but stopped in front of me.

"You know Zoe's only using you right?" He teased, or at least I hope he was teasing. "She thinks that your different and you'll understand her? She thinks that you treat her nicer than anybody else so she's using you! She won't give you what you want but get what she wants!"

"I give her what I think she deserves, she never asked anything from me," I replied confidently. "And I'll never ask anything from her."

"Yeah but that's now! I bet she told you that she stopped hanging around with us and only stays with you, a little scummy boy? She lied and if she lied about that who knows what else she's fibbing about?" He began walking away.

"I never see her with you! And even if she is, who am I to tell her who her friends are! I don't care, I like Zoe and nothing you say will change that!"

"Oh you like Zoe, do you loovve Zoe?! I think the scummy boy has a crush on the pretty girl?" He said to me in a baby voice. To be honest once I heard what I said out loud it did seem quite cringey and pathetic.

"Shut up," I said but covered my mouth after. I don't think I've ever told anybody that. Cliff stared at me. Everybody around was silent as though they listened in the whole time to mine and Cliffs argument and gasped when I said what nobody was expecting.

"What did you say you little tramp?!" He sounded angry. I shuffled back and pushed my way through the crowd of people. I ended up running but tripping over people's feet. I could hear Cliffs ginormous footsteps hunting me down. I was collapsed on the floor. Cliff leaned over me and picked me up by my shirt and punched me in my other eye that wasn't already bruised. But unlike my mum he didn't stop. He kept hitting me. I heard Zoe's voice. She pulled him back.

"Get away from him!" She shouted. Everything around me was blurry. A teacher then came running but after that I blacked out. Damn! So much for the best day of my life...

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