Never getting tired of you

Nathan was a quiet lad with dark secrets. He never thought that anybody cared about him, he didn't have any friends until one day he met a girl who changed him and taught him how to love.


19. little ray of happiness

I walked home alone because Zoe's parents wouldn't let her go out so late. I had a little carrier bag containing all the records I picked out. I couldn't wait to listen to them when I get home.

I opened my front door and walked inside to hear a wailing. I saw someone huddled up on the sofa, holding their legs and rocking themselves back and forth. It was mum. I placed my records on the side table along with my keys.

"Mum..?" I asked, a little scared. I edged towards her but kept my distance safe. "Are you alright?"

She looked up at me, her mascara smudged around her eyes. Her arms were red and her skin looked saw.

"Do I look like I'm alright?!" She cried. "Eurgh leave me alone! It's not like I've had enough today!"

"Did somebody hurt you?" I wondered.

"Just go Nathan!" She bellowed.

"Was it that Rolf guy who called the other night?" I guessed.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" She screamed at me. I took a few steps back.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled. "I just wanted to help,"

"Oh lord," she laughed. "As if you would be able to do anything! You're just skin and bone!" She looked at me properly, wiping her eyes. "Look at you!" She then said, realising I was dressed up. "Why do you look so handsome?"

I smiled. She's never said anything nice to me before.

"I just went out," I grinned. Mums little ray of happiness had changed. I knew it was going to be too good to be true.

"With girls," she said seriously with a cold tone. I panicked.

"No, no just mates from school," I lied because I didn't want to anger her.

"You have mates!" She said surprised. "My little boys growing up," she winked. I felt so happy.

"What happened to you?" I went back to the original conversation.

"None of your business," she told me, still being calm. She's never been like this. This wasn't normal. She got up and lost her balance. I ran over to help her get up.

"Get off me!" She bellowed changing her tune. I stupidly ignored her and kept pulling her to get up on her feet. "I said get off!" She slapped me. "Are you deaf?!" I had my hand on my cheek. "Leave!" She ordered. "Go away, you'll just make things worse.." I went over to get my records but that agitated her so I left them in the living room for the night. I went into my room and got into some shorts to sleep in. I then collapsed onto my bed crying. Just when I thought she was different this happens. I could hear her crying as well in the lounge.

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