Never getting tired of you

Nathan was a quiet lad with dark secrets. He never thought that anybody cared about him, he didn't have any friends until one day he met a girl who changed him and taught him how to love.


23. it's a date

"Do you want me to walk you home or do you wanna hang out after school or summit?" I asked, trying to seem not too desperate and casual but failing of course. Zoe sighed.

"My dad's picking me up.." She replied.

"That's fine," I said, because I didn't want her getting upset. "What about tomorrow?"

"The thing is, dads gonna be picking me up from now on," Zoe answered.

"Oh," I frowned. "I see," I continued, feeling slightly disappointed. "Zoe?"


"Do your parents not like me?" I wondered. Zoe looked down at the floor and started fiddling with her hair.

"Ermm of course they do!" She was lying again.

"Zoe." I nudged her. "Tell me the truth,"

"They think that you get me into trouble, they think that the reason I've been in so much lately is because of you, okay?!" she replied. "They want me to stay away from you..."

"But it is because of me, they're right," I said, not really knowing why I was telling the one person who cared about me to stay away. "If I'd of known that you were getting into trouble for sticking up for me then I would of stopped you ages ago.."

"What?" Zoe said, with an angry tone. "Nathan what are you on about?! It's Olivia who's causing all of this, not you! And things are sorted now, hopefully! This is just my parents being their protective selves again!"

"I'm sorry! I don't know what to do, if your mum and dad want you stay away from me don't you think you should obey them?" I asked.

"Are you trying to tell me you don't want to see me anymore?" Zoe sounded really upset. I didn't know what to answer. Yes that was what I was trying to say but no it's not what I want. I shrugged.

"It's what your parents want..."

"But what do you want?"

"Well of course I want to stay with you it's just I don't want your mum and dad to hate me more for hanging about with you when they said not to, plus how are we going to hang out if they pick you up from school and stuff?" I wondered.

"At the weekend? I can go out, they don't need to know its with you! In fact are you free this weekend? Saturday?" I nodded. Zoe smiled. "Well it's a date," she replied. I looked at her in shook. What the hell?! Since when were we dating? I guess the kiss meant we liked each other but going out and stuff...

"Nathan?" Zoe asked, looking at me. "You okay?"

"Yeah... Yeah, it's just..."


"What time should I pick you up?"

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