Never getting tired of you

Nathan was a quiet lad with dark secrets. He never thought that anybody cared about him, he didn't have any friends until one day he met a girl who changed him and taught him how to love.


5. hoarder

Nathan's POV:

I had no idea what I was doing. I never ever had anybody else apart from my mums man friends come to my apartment. I didn't know what to expect! It was like I reflex, I shouldn't of let her inside. I don't know her! For all I know she could be a thief or murderer. I was so nervous opening my front door. I kept checking to see if she was still behind me or had made a run for it. But no, unfortunately she was still there waiting to come inside. I unlocked the door.

"Is your mum not home?" She asked as we walked in. I was busy locking the door behind us.

"Erm no she's normally out during the day well actually almost all the time," I replied, taking off my bag but not my hoodie, I didn't want her seeing anything she may have questions about.

"You're so lucky, my parents always hang about and are really over protective... I wish I could just stay home alone and act as though it's just my place," she said, looking around fascinated about my tiny flat. I shrugged. I never would consider my life as a luxury. Maybe I should be more grateful? I don't know.

"Do you want a drink?" I asked, going into the kitchen to get out some mugs as we didn't have any glasses.

"What do you have?" Zoe said, hopping into the kitchen and next to me making me a little bit more nervous. The thought of a girl in my flat was still not processing to my mind.

"Erm we have..." I said looking in fridge because I didn't actually know. I normally just had water from the tap. All I saw in there was my mums alcohol. I'm sure Zoe didn't want any of that but I asked anyway to be polite.

"Well we have a wide selection of vodka and wine-"

"Waters fine," Zoe giggled but I didn't know why. I was kind of relieved that she didn't want any of my mums drinks. So I got both the mugs and filled it with tap water. Zoe walked out leaving me alone in the kitchen holding both the cups of water.

"Whoa..." I heard Zoe shout from my bedroom. I began panicking, I couldn't remember if I had left anything like underwear in my room. I put down the cups and ran in to find her looking through my vinyl collection.

"You're a hoarder," she smiled, still flicking through my records. I awkwardly sighed. "These are so cool... Do you have a player?" Zoe looked at me. I nodded going over to my bedside table and opening up an original record player. "Wow..." She gazed at it, walking over and running her fingers across it making a mark in the dust. "Where did you get these?" Zoe asked.

"Well there's this shop I go to quite often, they sell stuff like posters, albums, records and the best bit is that it's only for like 2 quid!" I exclaimed, getting over excited and slightly embarrassed.

"Where can I find this shop?!" She smiled, beautifully I must say.

"Well it's kind of hidden away, I'd have to show you for you to find it," I nodded. Zoe turned to face me.

"Show me now," she suggested. I backed away.

"What?" I asked to make sure she was saying what I thought she was saying.

"Yeah! Show me this amazing place," she twirled around getting her bag. I was puzzled but I wasn't going to say no.

"Okay..." I whispered, following her out if the door.

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