Never getting tired of you

Nathan was a quiet lad with dark secrets. He never thought that anybody cared about him, he didn't have any friends until one day he met a girl who changed him and taught him how to love.


31. Friday night

I didn't know what to expect. I never did with Zoe. She was coming over and as far as I'm concerned, mum doesn't come home until Monday. This weekend might be better than I thought. I cleaned the flat from top to bottom as soon as I came home from school. I know Zoe has been here before but still I wanted to make the effort, especially now that I have the time to. I wore my favourite t-shirt, which was white with a black shoe on it. I don't know why I liked it, it was different I guess. I then had some black jeans on and socks as we weren't going outside. I didn't know what to make for dinner. I knew how to make a lot of foods seeing as I cook my own meals. I got one of mums recipe books (she never uses it, they're just presents from Christmas that's she puts in the kitchen for decoration). I was scanning through, trying to find something special but not too romantic as I couldn't forget rule no 1. I found a couple of dishes I could try out, whether I had the ingredients or not was an issue. I ended up making a curry. Nothing too wild or romantic. I heard a buzz at the door. I hadn't even had time to clean up in the kitchen.

"Come in," I said through the speaker. I then rushed into my bedroom and quickly put some music on. I was terrible at this whole date thing. I heard the front door open.

"Hellloo?" Zoe asked coming in. I walked out of my bedroom. Once again, she looked amazing. She had her hair let loose, her natural waves cascading over her shoulders. I preferred this to her straightened hair. She had a little navy dress on cutting down to the knees. She also had little white ankle socks on and heels. Why did she need heels? She was tall enough already.

"Your face looks a lot healthier," she commented. I smiled and went up to her to kiss her and she let me. I loved holding her securely in my arms. She had a really small waist so it was easy to wrap my big hands around it. She then looked at me.

"What's cooking? Smells really nice!" Zoe had her eyes really open wide, a layer of mascara blackening her eye lashes and making her blue eyes look brighter.

"Curry, do you like it?" I nervously asked worried she'd say no.

"Are you kidding? I love curry!" She exclaimed, rushing into the kitchen. I followed her. She examined the mess. "You are not a neat kid.."

"That's where you're wrong, you see I'm just so neat that this is an organised mess," I replied. Zoe giggled and went to the cooker to take a big smell of the curry.

"This looks so good, you cook it yourself?" She wondered. I nodded. "Wow," Zoe answered. "Good chef you'd make! Actually maybe not? To be a chef you'd have to boss people about and shout at them... You might not be good at that," she laughed. I laughed too.

"We don't have a table I'm afraid," I sighed. "So if you could just go sit on the couch and I'll bring the food," I smiled. Zoe raised an eyebrow and walked off into the lounge. I closed the kitchen door behind her. And quickly tried tidying as much as I could. 5 minutes passed and I was still in the kitchen. Finally I came out, with oven gloves on (even though nothing came out of the oven it's just because plates were hot and I didn't want to burn myself) and a plate in each hand.

"Thank you," Zoe giggled, taking one plate out of my gloved hands.

"Careful it's hot," I warned her.

"I can see that," she replied, placing the plate on her knee and started eating it. I sat beside her and waited to see her response before starting eating my own. "oh my god," she shut her eyes. "This is amazing!" I smiled, being very proud of myself.

"Thank you," I answered and got a mouthful of curry and shoved it in my mouth. "Not to blow my trumpet-"

"Not to blow my trumpet!? Not heard that saying in ages," she joked. "continue grandpa," I blushed red out of embarrassment.

"I'm just pretty proud of it," I said.

"You should be, this is good stuff!" Zoe eyed me. She then looked over to my bedroom where the music was coming from. "What's playing? Sounds familiar?"

"Of course it does, it was your dads!" I nudged her. "A Patsy Cline record,"

Zoe's POV:

Things were silent for a bit whilst we were eating apart from the record continuously playing. Nathan took my plate and went back into the kitchen. I followed him as I had nothing better to do. He was hovering over the sink with washing up gloves on. He turned his head to look at me. He must of heard me come in. He then took off the gloves and smiled awkwardly. I stood beside him and watched him do the washing up, gloveless now. Accidentally he dropped a cup into the sink full of dirty water splashing me.

"Nathan!" I shouted. "This was a nice dress!" I dipped my hand into the pool of water and flicked him for pay back little did I know that I started water fight. Nathan splashed me fully and on purpose.

"I'm sorry," he laughed, backing away from me.

"Oh that's just fine," I heavily breathed, taking a pot and dipping it into the sink. Nathan eyed the pot like a predator sneaking up on its pray. "You know Nathan, it's not nice to ruin girls clothes, and it's really not nice to get a girl wet, like slapping a girl, it's the same kind of rule," I explained whilst turning the tap on and filling the pot with clean, cold water. Nathan's eyes were still drawn to it. He was being very careful.

"Come on Zoe," he said still staring at the pot. "I got you a tad wet, no need to over exaggerate," Nathan then looked up at me. "You could of worn scruffier clothes? What's rule no 1?" And like that I threw the water inside the pot all over Nathan, soaking his clothes and his precious hair. Nathan wiped his face with his already wet sleeve.

"Lesson learnt, don't ruin a girls clothes," I smiled cheekily as if to say, 'I win'. He didn't seem happy.

"Well you taught me," he said, arms out like a scarecrow.

"I need to wear new clothes and put these out to dry," I told him, trying to pull the fabric the was stuck to my skin. "Do you think I should go home and change?"

"No no, I'm sure I have something you could wear," Nathan quickly answered, going to his bedroom. He was rummaging through his draws for something decent a girl could pull of. He got out a shirt that would be way too big for me but did just as well because with that shirt, it was big enough so I didn't have to wear any trousers underneath. But Nathan gave me a pair of his pyjama shorts anyway.

"When your done, give me the wet clothes and I'll hang 'em on the balcony," he instructed, taking something for him to change into as well. I went inside his tiny bathroom and he went inside his bedroom. The music was still booming away. I slipped into Nathan's clothes and held out my dress. I ringed out the water over the bath tub. I then left the bathroom.

"Nathan?" I asked.

"I'll be out in a sec," he shouted back. I hovered outside his bedroom door. There was a crack between the door and doorframe, he hadn't closed it properly. I sneakily looked through the crack. Nathan was looking threw his wardrobe still wearing his soaking top and pants. He pulled something warm and dry out and then removed his t shirt he was wearing. Even though I knew Nathan had almost no muscle I still liked to imagine he had a nice body. But this was worse than I was expecting. His body was battered and bruised. He had a lot of red marks on his back and awful bruises on his arms as well as scratch marks almost everywhere. I couldn't resist. I swung the door open.

"What the hell Nathan?"

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