Never getting tired of you

Nathan was a quiet lad with dark secrets. He never thought that anybody cared about him, he didn't have any friends until one day he met a girl who changed him and taught him how to love.


8. evil stares

Nathan POV:

I woke up so confused this morning. I didn't let myself believe yesterday was true. I actually thought it was a dream at first. It was so strange. I was in denial. Nobody, let alone Zoe, stayed with me yesterday. It's impossible surely?

I arrived at school but this time things were different. Normally I would just go to class without disruption. Nobody would notice me and it was fine but today all eyes were on me? I tried to ignore it but it was making me feel self conscious. I arrived in form and saw Olivia. She had a bandage on her ankle, that was a little over exaggerating. Zoe didn't even do that much to her. Was that why everybody was looking at me? Olivia gave me evil stares throughout registration. I was scared. The kid sat next to me, who normally never talked to me, passed a note. It read:

Did u and Zoe beat up liv and her mates?

I shook my head rapidly. I began scribbling back on the page.

Is that why everybody is staring?

I replied. The guy shrugged and went back to not talking to me.

Zoe's POV:

I saw Nathan at break. I ran up to him.

"Nathan this is important," I told him. "Olivia's been spreading rumours about us, we need to go to the head teachers office to sort this out." I grabbed his hand like a little child and dragged him to the office. Everyone was starring at us but I didn't care though I could tell Nathan did. I knocked on the head teachers door. A secretary opened it. I saw Olivia sat down at one of the chairs. Sir called us over.

"Zoe, Nathan please take a seat," he instructed us. Nathan sat down but I stayed standing until sir have me a stare making me sit down. "Did you or did you not kick Olivia in the ankle yesterday as a sign of abuse?" He questioned us. Liv looked at me, I didn't see a friend in her anymore.

"That's not fair! You haven't heard the whole story plus Nathan didn't do anything he was just the victim in all of this!" I argued. I thought Nathan would back me up here but he just buried himself in his shirt and stayed quiet. Sir looked at me again. "Yes I did kick Olivia but Nathan didn't and I only did it because she stole Nathan's stuff and wouldn't give it back!"

"I was only joking! You weren't-" Olivia tried saying.

"Well it didn't look like you were joking when you had him pinned up against the wall did it?" I protested. The head teacher looked in Olivia's direction. "Sir, they were cornering him and abusing him! I had to do something, you always told us that if you saw bullying being done and didn't do anything about it then that classed as bullying too!"

"But is violence always the answer?" He shouted still taking sides with Olivia. I didn't know what else I could say for him to believe me. Everyone was quiet. "Nathan did Olivia hurt you in any way?" Nathan looked confused. He was looking all around the room and then shrugged.

"Jesus Nathan! Answer properly!" I snapped. "I saw it with my own eyes! Why don't you ask Olivia?"

"That's enough from you zoe!" Sir told me standing up. "I think this is just a case of a misled argument. You're going to have to sort things out between yourselves I'm fed up with this childish nonsense!"

"But sir you aren't going to let them get away with this are you? Look what they did to my ankle," Olivia whinned. I rolled my eyes.

"I stick by to what I said, I am not getting involved anymore! Please leave my office I am contacting all of your parents about the situation as I know it!"

"Sir no!" I exclaimed. "Please don't tell my mum and dad, they'll freak!"

"What did I do?!" Liv shouted, acting as though she was innocent.

"Leave! All of you now!" He pointed to the door.

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