Violin in the Clear Air

John and Sherlock receive a case- a 16 year old boy, committing suicide in his garage. But investigation, blogs, multiple cups of tea and a sociopathic detective reveal something quite different- murder. So turn up your collar, grab a deerstalker, and delve into Sherlock and John's world, where sinister murders and death somehow seem like fun.


3. And Now? Warning- Johnlock

*WARNING* This chapter is a Johnlock (Sherlock/John) chapter, for those out there who ship it. It's not really about the case, so there's no need to read it if you don't like Johnlock. However if you do- I heartily congratulate you on your choice of ship, and feel free to read on!


'I've been thinking.'

John jerked out of a doze, gazing bemusedly at his brown-haired companion. 

'John. John. I've been thinking.'

John twitched his nose. Sherlock, thinking? Imagine that. ''Bout what?'

'About, not 'bout. But if you really want to know-'

'I really didn't.'

'You do now. I've been thinking about that boy.'



Sherlock flopped down on the arm of the chair that John was slumped in with a dramatic sigh.

'All that pain he went through- being kicked out of his own home, being strangled...all because of who he loved. And I've been thinking. Would you hate me if you knew who I loved?'

John had a mental picture of Mrs Hudson, but banished it immediately. 'You know I wouldn't hate you.'

'Are you sure?'

John's mental Mrs Hudson was now jumping up and down and waving a large purple feather.

'Of course not. Who is i- ah.'

There was nothing like a kiss to end a case, in John's opinion. Well- almost nothing.


*Aaand you can draw your own conclusion from that. (Bwa ha ha...)*



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