Poems By Me

Just random poems written by me. They're usually free verse, but sometimes some lines might rhyme. Hope you like it!!!


2. Spring Time

Spring Time


Dew drops balance

On green blades of grass

Where no footsteps have fallen

Since hours past


The morning haze

Of honeysuckle scent

Lingers and awakes

My dream dazed face


The song of birds

Through my window

A sound I haven't heard

Since very long ago


When the weather was warm

And the sun was out

And the soft wind waved

As the tall trees gently swayed


And as I step outside

That soft breeze caressing my face

The wind chime birdsong

Brings me fully awake


It's spring time I see

For the signs tell it all

Winter's grey din has finally moved on

Gifting us with newborn color and sun.



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