Poems By Me

Just random poems written by me. They're usually free verse, but sometimes some lines might rhyme. Hope you like it!!!


5. Inside

This is a poem I wrote about a character I came up with and might write a new story on, but this is what I came up with.



Sometimes I feel like I'm not dealt a fair hand

That life's just not going my way

Like when I look in the mirror and the image that stares back

Is an image that I just can't stand.


I hear that I'm beautiful

But does it really matter what they say?

I can see my faults, my impurities,

So why can't they?


But I know why they don't see it,

It's because they aren't truly looking

They can't see what I see

But that's because only I can see the inside.


My soul is black

Darker than the darkest night.

And no matter how hard I try to fight it back

There's no way for me to turn that around


So I live with my ugly soul,

My ugly heart and mind

I may be pretty to they eye

But do you really know what's on the inside?



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