Skool luv affair

West yuu high school is the home of a club called the skool luv affair club, this club is made up of 7 guys. V, Suga, Jung kook, J hope, Jimin, JIn, and Rap monster. This is about the adventures of these 7 guys living out there lives here at west yuu. All things go will until they all fall for the same girl, what happens when the girl tears up there friendship, what will happen to these 7 guys when she finally picks who she wants? Will they ever be the same again?


3. ch ~3~

        "well, if we have nothing else to do lets get to class before Mrs. Millie freaks again" Jin said as he stood up.


 "Health, such a interesting subject" V said.


 Jimin, Rap Monster, Jung kook and Jin turned to look at V.


 "Im talking about the drugs and cigarettes chapter....." V said.


 Jimin let out a breathe of relief before he turned to catch up with J hope and Suga.


 Suga clasped the brass door knob into his hand, he begun to pull but the door wouldn't open. "Guys the doors wont open! where trapped!"


 J hope placed his hand on the door and pushed it slightly, the door slowly glided open.


 "Oh..." Suga said.


 Jimin face palmed and turned to face rap monster "Remind me again why he is in this club"


 "He may be losing screws, a lot of screws but believe it or not he gives great advice, he gets most of the people together. plus we needed one more person...and he was the only one that signed up" Rap monster said.


 "Well, sense he has been here he is actually improving on his spelling, and his printing and his ABC's and-" Jimin said before rap monster cut him off.


 "Yeah Jimin I get it, lets just get to class" Rap monster said.


 Jimin nodded and begun to walk to class.


 Rap monster stopped and took out his phone, the text he received said 'I hope you are doing what I want you to do, don't forget I have the most dirtiest secrets about you and your friends, chop chop the clock is ticking- z'

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