Skool luv affair

West yuu high school is the home of a club called the skool luv affair club, this club is made up of 7 guys. V, Suga, Jung kook, J hope, Jimin, JIn, and Rap monster. This is about the adventures of these 7 guys living out there lives here at west yuu. All things go will until they all fall for the same girl, what happens when the girl tears up there friendship, what will happen to these 7 guys when she finally picks who she wants? Will they ever be the same again?


2. Ch ~2~

   Jung kook opened the glass doors to West yuu academy, he glanced down at his watch before walking up the steps. He walked to the Skool luv affair club, jin was unlocking the latch on the box to revel several slips of neatly folded paper, he took them out and closed the box locking it up again.


  Jung kook adjusted the tie on to his school uniform ''am I late?'' he asked looking at jin.


  JIn turned to look at the maknae and shook his head ''No your right on time, everyone else is waiting inside for the meeting to start'' jin said.


  Jung kook nodded and followed jin as they made there way into the brightly painted room of the skool luv affair club.


  V was pointing pins on to the map on the wall, suga was pointlessly staring off in space as j hope and jimin where tossing a foot ball back and forth.


  Rap monster looked up at the two and smiled '' Did we get any letters?"


  Jin nodded his head and set the letters on to the table as jung kook took a seat, jimin, j hope and V took a seat to as rap monster and jin started to separate the notes into piles.


 "Did you guys see the blog that Z posted this morning?"  J hope asked.


 V nodded " I wonder who she or he is"


  Jin sat down and sat back "no one really knows besides the person there self, besides... who ever it is must be very good at acting and lying. It could even be some one that we all know and wouldn't expect''


  "You know, you may have something there jin'' Jimin said as he begun to look through the letters in front of them.


  Suga stared at a note confused, Rap monster took the paper rotating it than putting it back in sugas hands.


 " ohhhh" suga said and begun to read.


  Jin shook his head and started to write.  "this is a good one" v said standing up.


  "what's it say?" j hope asked.



   "Dear Skool luv affair club, even though you don't know my true identity, I need your help. I have a crush on this guy but... I don't know how to talk to him. I hope you can help me before Easter break. Once you help me I will make sure you get a great review on the school website, until than I hope you look into this ~ Yours truly,Z"


 "Oh my god! That girl has the same name as the Person from the blog!" suga said 


 Jung kook shook his head but than looked at jimin who gave the same expression as Jung kook did, cause they knew that if they failed to Z, she would screw up there lives.....Forever.



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