an intense feeling of deep affection.

He's the captain of the football team, she's the top art student. He secretly loves her, she enjoyed his presence. He'd keep her away from every male, she'd encourage him to find a girlfriend. He'd do anything for her, she'd offer a friend's shoulder.

Harry is just a boy trying to finish the year off with him meaning something more than "A Friend" to his crush. Carter's just a girl trying to survive with her family by being on the top of the list. It all comes down to friends at one point, right?

But what happens when he wants so much more than she can give?

He wants her, and won't stop until she's more than a Crush.


3. Tomlinson 02.


It almost felt like I couldn't breath.

This was really happening?

I let out a shaky breath as Louis smiled at me.

"So for tomorrow I would like all of you to be here early. Captain, I'll leave the rest of practicing to you." Coach nodded towards me.

"A-Alright." I smiled.

"Hey coach? Do you know the kids who are coming?" David asked.

"No. Styles, get them to the field."

"Ok coach." I nodded.

"Hey. Do you think that hot chick Carter is gonna come?" David whispered to Mark.

I stopped, clenching my fists.

"Probably. She's the best in the whole school. And don't forget that body. Sh-"

"MARTINIS! WOODS! COURSE RUNNING!!!! 20 FUCKING TIMES!" I hissed, walking towards them.

Liam and Louis grabbed me, trying to calm me down.

Fucking Basters.

I gave them the most killer glare I could muster, as they backed away from fright.

"Dude! Calm down!" Liam pushed my shoulder back.

I pushed both him, and Louis away, angrily pulling my hair.

"All of you! Partner pass for the rest of the hour!" I shouted.

"And you two." I spat, looking at David and Mark.

"Course. Running. 20. Times." I glared coldly.

Everyone went to the assigned work and I sat down on the grass.

I couldn't help but laugh.

I started laughing really hard, until I felt the salty wetness of my tears stream down my face.

And then I started crying. 

What the hell is wrong with me?

She doesn't know me.

She doesn't know I exist.

She doesn't care.

And I, felt crushed over a crush.


"Harry. Are you alright?"

I glanced up at Niall and nodded.

"Practice is over." He stared at me.

"Really?" I whispered.

"Hey Niall?" I muttered.

"Hm?" He sat down next to me.

"I don't know what to do." I confessed.

He smiled at me sadly.

"You know. In your situation, I don't think anyone does." He whispered softly.

"But you decide what you want to do. And no one can tell you, that you can't."

"I wonder sometimes if that's true." I ran my hand through the grass.

"Depends." He looked up.

"On what?" I questioned.

"On if you want to believe it."

That's right.

She doesn't know me.

She doesn't know I exist.

She doesn't care.

But that can change.

I, can change that.


I will not be crushed.

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