an intense feeling of deep affection.

He's the captain of the football team, she's the top art student. He secretly loves her, she enjoyed his presence. He'd keep her away from every male, she'd encourage him to find a girlfriend. He'd do anything for her, she'd offer a friend's shoulder.

Harry is just a boy trying to finish the year off with him meaning something more than "A Friend" to his crush. Carter's just a girl trying to survive with her family by being on the top of the list. It all comes down to friends at one point, right?

But what happens when he wants so much more than she can give?

He wants her, and won't stop until she's more than a Crush.


28. Jane 2nd.


"El," I glared at the girl who was slowly doing her makeup.

"Carter, please?!? My fever has cooled down!" She whinned.

"Your fever barely went down!" I crossed my arms.

Louis invited all of us to go to a club, but El's fever was still pretty high.

"Carter. I promise. If I feel faint, or too sick I'll tell someone." She stared at me with her pink lips pouted slightly.

"Fine." I gave in, letting my arms fall to my side as I made my way towards the door.

"You should get ready if you want us to be ready by time." She began curling her hair.

I froze, my hand on the door knob going cold.


We were never friends to begin with. We were more.

"I-I mean you-"

I don't want you with other guys.

"I d-don't think-"

Too bad. Now it does.

"What I'm trying to say is-"


"Stop!" My hands shot up to my ears as Eleanor gave me a bewildered look.

"Stop..." I shut my eyes, trying to get away from everyone and everything-- especially my own brain.

Our minds can be our best friends, and our worst enemies.

"Carter?!? Are You Alright?!?" I heard El walk towards me. 

My eyes shot open when I felt a pair of hands grab my wrist lightly.

El was kneeling next to me, making me realise I was sitting on the floor.

Woah. When did that happen?

  I let my hands go down to my lap as I wiped my face with my hand, pushing my hair out of my eyes.

"I-I'm fine." I replied shakily.

Did I really just have a mini panic attack?

"I don't think you really are." Her voice and face was calm, but I could see the panic and urgency swirling in her brown eyes.

"Something happened at school, didn't it?" She let her concern show.


"Did someone say something?"


"Did you fail anything?"


"Did someone hurt you?"



"Did Jace say something?"


"Did-" she swallowed a lump in her throat. "Did Harry do something?"


"What did he do?" 


"Carter! What did he do?"

"He-" I quickly cut myself off.

"El... I'm not feeling very well. I... I don't think I'm going."

Her eyes softened, realising that I obviously didn't want to talk about this.

"Okay." She nodded Standing up.

"El?" I Called just as she was about to leave.


"I.... I think I could use a drink."

She grinned as I gave her a soft smile.

"We'll leave at eleven."

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