an intense feeling of deep affection.

He's the captain of the football team, she's the top art student. He secretly loves her, she enjoyed his presence. He'd keep her away from every male, she'd encourage him to find a girlfriend. He'd do anything for her, she'd offer a friend's shoulder.

Harry is just a boy trying to finish the year off with him meaning something more than "A Friend" to his crush. Carter's just a girl trying to survive with her family by being on the top of the list. It all comes down to friends at one point, right?

But what happens when he wants so much more than she can give?

He wants her, and won't stop until she's more than a Crush.


12. Harry 01.


"You bastard. I hate you." 

Those five words were enough to completely shatter my heart.

I hate you.

I hate you.

I quickly stumbled away from her, pain entering my chest.

S-She hates me?

I felt heartbroken. Sure I pulled off her shoe, but it was only to help her! No. She doesn't hate me. She's just saying that. She can't hate me. I'd die without her smiling at me. When I find Rachel, I swear to god that bitch is going to burn in the depths of hell, once I'm done with her. How dare she mess with what's mine.

Carter's mine.

No one else's.

Just mine.

Even if she doesn't know it yet.


"So how's your ankle?" Eleanor looked worriedly at Carter.

"It's fine. Hurts, but fine." Carter shrugged.

I glared at her.

She fucking told me she hated me! And she doesn't even know how much I love her!

"What?" She narrowed her eyes at me.

"You fucking hate me?!?" I clenched my fists, trying hard not to start crying.

Carter blinked a couple of times, before she broke into a fit of laughter.

I stared at her mouth agape and eyes wide.

"Why the hell are you laughing?!?" I seethed, tightly squeezing on the lunchroom table to control my anger.

The lads, and the rest of the girls stared at us, shocked.

"You think I hate you? Why would I hate you?" She continued laughing.

"You told me! You told me you hate me! Remember that? You fucking said it." I felt my voice crack, and I still kept in the tears.

"Are you serious? You pulled off the shoe, and made me pissed. Of course I'd say I hate you. It hurt like a bitch. Can you seriously not tell when people are joking, and when they're serious?!? I'm sorry, Ok? I don't hate you." She watched my face calmly, and I just sat there, staring at her back.

"Um, We should introduce you guys!" Niall laughed awkwardly.

"Carter, El, Shannon, this is Liam, and Zayn. Zayn, Liam, this is Carter, El, and Shannon." Niall began, loosening the tension around us.

"Carter, El, Shannon, this is Zayn's girlfriend, Perrie."

"Hello!" Perrie pipped, always in a happy mood.

"Hi." Carter smiled.

"And this is Liam's girlfriend Dannielle."

"Hi!" Dannielle smiled.

"Hi there!" Shannon grinned.

"Which one does Harry like?" I heard Perrie whisper in Zayn's ear.

"Perrie! Shut the hell up!" I whispered.

Zayn rolled his eyes, before whispering Carter's name quietly In her ear.

"Don't you guys have girlfriends?" Shannon glanced at Niall and me.

"Nope. I'm single. But.... If you want.." Niall winked at Shannon.

Shannon gave him a bitchy smile, before shoving a bread roll in his mouth.

"Nah. I think I'll pass." She laughed.

"What about you?" Shannon turned towards me.


"Uh. No. I don't have a girlfriend." I quickly looked away.

"Not even someone your crushing on?"

I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Why do you care?!?" I growled.

"I think you and I both know why, Harry."

I felt my blood run cold, as I stared at her.

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