an intense feeling of deep affection.

He's the captain of the football team, she's the top art student. He secretly loves her, she enjoyed his presence. He'd keep her away from every male, she'd encourage him to find a girlfriend. He'd do anything for her, she'd offer a friend's shoulder.

Harry is just a boy trying to finish the year off with him meaning something more than "A Friend" to his crush. Carter's just a girl trying to survive with her family by being on the top of the list. It all comes down to friends at one point, right?

But what happens when he wants so much more than she can give?

He wants her, and won't stop until she's more than a Crush.


27. Eloise 1st.


I yawned as I walked out of the bathroom, grabbing my uniform.

I pulled the dark maroon skirt up my legs as it stopped mid thigh, buttoning up the light green button up.

I grabbed the black tie, putting it on and pulled my collar out.

Lastly, I put on the maroon blazer, leaving it unbuttoned.

I pulled my black knee high socks up to my knee and put my black oxfords on.

I walked towards my mirror and curled my hair quickly.

After that, I walked out and towards El's room.

"El?" I knocked on the door.

All I got was a groan in response.

"You're not even awake yet?" I exclaimed, pushing the door open.

El was lying on the bed, looking absolutely awful.

"You look horrid!" I gaped at her.

"Thanks." She said sarcastically, sneezing in the process.

I sat down on the bed and pressed my palm onto her forehead softly.

"You're burning up, babe!" I looked down at her worriedly.

"I don't think I can go to school." She sneezed once more.

"Neither do I." I agreed.

"Here, I'll be right back." I walked out of her room and into the kitchen. I filled a bowl with cold water and grabbed two cloths. After that, I grabbed a glass of water and some Advil.

I walked back into El's room and started pampering her.

"I think I should stay with you." I mumbled, putting the cold cloth on her forehead.

She sighed in content.

"I'll be fine. You go to school." She smiled slightly.

"But..." I trailed off.

"It's either we both go, or you do."

"Fine. There's soup in the cupboard, and Advil in the top drawer. Take care."


Finally! Lunch.

I pulled my phone out and texted El real quick, wondering how she's doing.

She replied almost instantly, stating she was fine.

I had just closed my locker when a hand had yanked my arm towards a body. My skin prickled with goosebumps as my vision got blurry. 

What the fuck?

I felt a pressure placed on my lips and blinked. Realisation hit me as I stared at Harry with wide eyes along with everyone in the hallway as he kissed me.

He pulled away and started walking away.

I stood frozen as if a blizzard had just past by, freezing me to the ground.

Everyone stared at me with their mouths open.

"When did the jock and the geek start dating?" A girl finally spat.

Well, that stung.

"Obviously some kind of bet." Another snickered.

Before I knew it, I was taking off down the halls, fire behind me, and horns popping out of my head as my anger grew.

"Watch out! The devil has awakened from its nap!" 

I grabbed Alex's collar, glaring at him.

Alex was what you'd call... Second place, I guess?

I was on the top, and he was right behind me with the second best art student title.

Jealousy blinded his eyes of me being the top.

It was fucking annoying.

"Shut the hell up, and tell me right now. Styles. where'd he go?" 

"Jeez, He went out to football." He grumbled.

And I was running down the hall again.

"Hey! No running in the halls!" A kid shouted.

I ignored him as I finally made it to the door.

Outside I climbed up the hill and clenched my fist as I made my way towards the football field.

On the bleachers, sat the curly haired bastard, laughing and smiling like the little shit he is.

Niall's eyes showed fear when he saw me towering over Harry.

The bastard turned around, his green eyes showing confusion when he saw me.

Before he could say anything, I threw him off the bleachers.

"Harry!" Liam cried.

"Shh!" I turned towards the four.

"If any of you make even a step closer, you'll be next."

Fear crosses all their eyes as the scooted away, huddling near each other.

I jumped off the bleachers and glared down at Harry who was on the ground groaning.

He glared back trying to get up before I pushed him down again.

"You stay down." I spat.

He ignored me, stood up, and gripped his hair, his eyes wide.

"Are you Insane?!?" He stared at me as if I were a mad woman.

"Since childhood." I tried to calm myself.

"Hey! That's what Jace said!" Louis laughed.

Harry's eyes suddenly turned dark and hooded, his body tensing, fists clenching as deep breathes left his lips.

Wow, I should join poetry.

"What the hell were you thinking?!?" I shouted at him.

"What did I do?" He exclaimed.

"Y-You.... You kissed me! In front of everyone! What's wrong with you?"

"I don't understand." He stares at me blankly.

"You don't understand?!?" I gaped at him.

"Hey, guys? What are you two yelling about?" Shannon, Dani and Perrie just had to show up right now.

"Girls, not now." Liam mumbled as all of them stared.

"You don't understand?" I repeated.

"No I don't." He pursed his blood red lips.

"That's it. I can't do this anymore. El might be dating you're best friend, but I can't be friends with you anymore."

"No. We were never friends to begin with. We were more." He stated plainly.

"What the hell are you talking about?!?" I clenched my fists.

"I don't want you with any other guys." He suddenly blurted out.

"That has absolutely nothing to do with you."

This made him absolutely furious as he grabbed my upper arms and pulled me into him.

"Too bad. Now it does." He growls lightly.

"Why?!?" I stared at him shocked.

"BECAUSE I--" he suddenly cut himself off, shock mixed with fear crossed his expression as he turned pale.

"Because you what? You hate me? You have a problem with me?" I pressed him on.

"I... I have to go." And with that, Harry was gone, and my frustration had returned.

What's going on?

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