an intense feeling of deep affection.

He's the captain of the football team, she's the top art student. He secretly loves her, she enjoyed his presence. He'd keep her away from every male, she'd encourage him to find a girlfriend. He'd do anything for her, she'd offer a friend's shoulder.

Harry is just a boy trying to finish the year off with him meaning something more than "A Friend" to his crush. Carter's just a girl trying to survive with her family by being on the top of the list. It all comes down to friends at one point, right?

But what happens when he wants so much more than she can give?

He wants her, and won't stop until she's more than a Crush.


18. Calder 2nd.



•°•°• Carter's POV •°•°•

"So your telling me that her whole family hates her?!?" Zayn gasped.

"Yeah..." Eleanor whispers... "That's why she lives with me."

"What are you talking about Eleanor." Louis demanded.

"Why do they hate her? What has she fucking done?!?" Harry's dark voice echos.

I winced. I didn't like that Harry. I liked flower crowned Harry. He's as beautiful as a flower, maybe even more. That's why he should always have a flower crown on his head. The prettiest flower named the king with a crown.

"Do you want me to start from the beginning?" El chuckles bitterly.

It was silent, so I assumed they nodded their heads, as El began the story.

"Carter was twelve when it really started to happen. She had taken a liking to a class. Her parents weren't too fond of her paying more attention then needed in that certain class.  They'd yell at her everyday after school for doing a certain thing from that class in her math book. It got a little too far when her dad wished they never had Carter in the first place, right in front of her. She was twelve years old. After hearing that she ran over to my house. She was a mess. Her eyes were red and puffy, her cheeks were flushed, with tears running down her face. Carter went home after awhile. She didn't speak to her parents for an entire month. It got worse in High school. Carter refused to listen to her parents when they told her to quit that class. That's when they started to compare Carter to her older sister, Autumn. Au-" 

All of a sudden, Niall burst out laughing.

What the fuck?

"Dude, what the hell is your problem?!? This isn't fucking funny!" Harry spat.

"I know, but.... Autumn Summers?!? Don't tell me you didn't find that funny. I mean- who names their kid after a season.... Then have their last name be a season?!?" He laughs harder. I laughed along with him, now realising my sisters funny name.

"I mean- what if their middle name is springs, or, or, Winter?!?" I don't think anyone could hold it in any longer. First Louis broke into chuckles, calling Niall an idiot, Than Liam laughed quietly, and all of a sudden, everyone's laughing, including me. The only person not laughing is Harry, who has a pained expression. Seeing him not laughing, makes me stop completely.

"Guys." He mutters. Everyone quiets down, and El clears her throat, beginning again.

"As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted." She glared at Niall playfully, while Louis pats her back, saying he's not worth it. "That's when they started to compare Carter to Autumn. Autumn is the definition of a slutty bitch. Despite her knowledgable brain, that girl is horrid. Around 2nd year of high school she started hating Carter. Autumn dyed her hair platinum blond, gets spray tanned at least once a week, and searches for clothes that are two times smaller than her actual size. But to everyone else she's the perfect girl that follows the direction her parents want. Carter is seen as the reject no one likes. Being rebellious on her family by not taking the path her parents and grandmother made for her before she was even born. When high school ended, Carter made a deal with her grandmother. She promised she'd always be the top in that class if they let her go. Her grandmother promised to allow her to go to that class as long as she's on the top. That's what she's been trying to do since that day....." El trailed off.

"Wait a minute." Louis's eyes widened.

"So your saying that special class is..." Harry began.

"Yes. That special class is Art. It was either take a path that will make your family proud and make you  sad for the rest of your life, or take what gives you joy and comfort and cut off all ties with your family."

"Art..." Liam looked so sad.

"Yeah Guys. Art Tore Carter Away From Her Family."

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