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A 16 year old girl, who goes out of her mind...She starts talking to this guy who's nearly 2 years older than her at school and they hook up. She goes through a lot with him and her friends and in the end, she feels alone and betrayed. She should've listened to her friends who were with her from the start but instead she ignored them and got into a lot of trouble with her new 'guy' of hers...What will happen to her after? and will it be a good decision?
WARNING: Rate Yellow: Swearing and Sexual Scenes


14. Too Much for one day


''Omg he did what?!'' I scream at her. ''I was out of it! I mean I knew what he was going to do but I didn't have much control!'' She crying in my arms. ''How did you not have control?!'' ''He got me drunk but he gave me 10 minutes to rest so I could actually see'' She giggles. ''But after that he didn't wait much longer and just got straight into it. It wasn't too bad its fine'' Sophie is an idiot. She shouldn't of even gone to that guys house! ''What will you do now?'' I ask. ''I don't know, just wait for him to talk, if not then oh well it was just a one night'' I let out a deep breath. ''Be careful Soph'' I warn her. ''I will'' She rolls her eyes. ''No I'm serious Sophie! You had sex with him and you haven't even known him for a day! Also, You were fucking drunk! This man has zero respect for girls and you should avoid him, Like ew!'' ''Ok'' She laughs and we change the subject. ''We have school tomorrow'' She whines. ''I know'' I say, letting out a long sigh.



(Next Day)


''Morning Mom'' I skip into the kitchen happily. ''Morning Darling, You seem happy today'' She smiles. ''I am!'' I cheer. ''Good, stay like that'' She taps my nose gently. I eat breakfast and I get a text from Mike. ''Morning Baby Girl, Hope you had a good sleep:) Look outside your front window;) xxx'' I walk over to the front of the house and bring my Cell with me. I look out to see Michael standing there with the cutest smile ever. I smile back and open the front door and run into his arms. ''Morning Baby'' He says into my hair. ''Morning Baby'' I say back. ''You ok?'' ''Even better in your arms'' I kiss him. ''Awh Baby I love you'' ''Love you more Mike'' ''No you don't, I love you more than anyone could guess. Words could never explain my love for you'' He answers cheesily. I cup his chin with my hands and kiss him hard and passionately. I don't care if my Mom could see us, At least she can realise how much Mike actually loves me. He grabs my hand and we walk back inside to the Kitchen. ''Good Morning Nicole'' Michael smiles. ''Good Morning Michael'' He smiles. ''Is he a good kisser?'' She jokes to me. ''Mom!!'' I say and Michael turns red with embarrassment. ''don't worry'' I whisper and smile at him. ''anyway we gotta go to school'' I say as I check the time on my phone. I grab my bag and say Bye to my Mom. ''Have a good day'' Michael smiles at her. ''You too'' She replies and turns back to the sink to finish of the dishes.


''Alright Mate'' Ashton gives Mike a high five. ''Morning Ash'' I say. ''Where's Luke and Cal?'' I ask. ''I have no idea'' He looks around trying to spot the boys. ''Oh well'' I say and Michael puts his muscular arm round me. ''FUCK YOU!!'' I hear some male scream behind us and we all turn around to see who it is. Luke and Dan. What? I thought it all ended! ''Don't go there babe'' Michael grabs my wrist. ''Can you go?'' I ask Mike. ''Not just yet'' ''FUCK YOU AND JAYLYN! YOU CANT BE WITH HER SO LEAVE IT! SOON MICHAEL WILL HAVE TO GIVE HER UP AND I'LL FUCK HER UP MORE THAN ANYONE COULD EVER KNOW!!!'' Tears start to form in my eyes and Luke looks over and widens his eyes as he sees me. ''That's it'' Michael gets angry and runs towards Dan. He pushes Dan to the ground and his fist collides with Dan's nose breaking it more and teaming up with Luke's punch. ''DO NOT TALK ABOUT HER!!'' Michael screams and kicks his balls, followed by his stomach and walks away, leaving Dan lying there in pain with his little 'gang' standing behind him frightened. Luke's still making eye contact with me until Michael grabs me and tells us to go. We walk up that garden I showed Michael a few days ago.


I just stare into his beautiful eyes and he wipes my tears away. ''I was in the best mood only minutes ago'' I try not to cry. ''Its ok'' Michael brings my head and leans it in his chest. He wraps his arms round me tightly and places a sweet kiss on top of my head. ''I love you Michael'' I sob and bring my hands up to wipe my eyes. ''I love you too baby, I'll protect you'' He strokes my hair. ''I want to stay here in this garden and in your arms forever'' ''I want exactly the same'' He just lets me cry in his arms and when I stand up his shirt is soaked with my tears. ''I'm sorry'' I smile sadly and wipe my now red, running nose. ''Here baby'' He tucks my hair behind my ear and kisses me. ''You still look beautiful'' He smiles sweetly and we go down the stairs hand in hand.


''Hey Jaylyn!'' Luke approaches us. ''Again Luke?'' I snap at him. ''What?'' ''Just leave it. Leave me, leave Dan!'' ''Jay--'' ''Don't want to hear it'' I say before he could finish what he was going to say. ''Hear me out'' Luke says. I just stare at him. ''Dan spread a rumour. Apparently he fucked you last night and he has a video to prove it that he's going to show everyone'' ''Luke you know that's not true, Also why get angry over just that?'' ''But he has a video Jaylyn. I was walking past him with Calum when he showed his friends the video and they were all laughing'' ''Is this true?'' Michael buts in, letting go of my hand. ''No of course it isn't! I hate that guy! He wont leave me alone!!'' His face softens. ''I don't believe that rumour its ok babe'' Michael holds my hand again and kisses it. ''I don't know Jaylyn'' Luke starts to walk away. ''You cant possibly believe Dan'' I'm getting angry now. ''I said I don't fucking know!!!'' Luke shouts. I shake my head slowly trying to prevent myself from crying again, ''ok'' and Luke storms off. ''Its ok baby'' Michael whispers and goes in for a hug. ''No'' I push him away and run to catch up with Luke. ''What the hell do you fucking want now?!'' he shouts. ''You'' ''What?'' ''You need to believe me and You need to stop fighting Dan, Its not getting you anywhere'' ''How many times do I need to tell you?'' ''And how many times do I need to tell you?!'' He sighs. ''Where's Michael?'' He says. ''Don't know just please Luke, Believe me'' ''Come here'' He grabs my hand and we walk towards Dan, He has a bandage on his nose and I giggle. ''It's your boyfriends fault, both of them'' ''1. That's hilarious 2. Only Michaels my boyfriend and 3. give it up Dan you're a hopeless motherfucker so go away'' I snap. ''Feisty'' He smiles. ''shut up'' I slap him. ''woah calm down'' he puts his hands up in the air like he surrenders. ''Listen, I don't know what you want from me but just leave me alone and that rumour is bullshit'' I walk closer to him. ''I want your pussy'' He smiles. ''Ok come here then'' I wink and grab his hand. ''Jay what you doing?'' Luke asks. ''Going to give him what he wants'' ''Jay...?'' ''Shhhh'' Me and Dan walk into the Janitors office. ''Seriously?'' Dan smiles. It's dark and I cant find the light switch fuck... ''Ok'' I feel Dan come closer and then the cold hits my lips. His tounge breaks through and I try to keep mine away from his. ''Dan'' I say through my teeth. ''No you need to moan my name'' I lift my hands up and find his cheek I then slap it hard. ''Woah what the fuck?'' He says loudly. ''I'm not moaning anything I need to find the light'' I say. ''A good kisser, just like I remember'' he smiles and I find the light. ''Whatever'' I sigh and take off my skirt. ''We cant tell Michael about this though'' He smiles. Fuck, Luke will tell him. ''Shit'' I mutter under my breath. ''Jaylyn Michael could come here any minute'' Luke says and opens the door. ''FUCKING HELL'' He screams and grabs my skirt. ''Put it on right now!!!'' He continues to scream. ''I was just about to'' I say. ''I don't know what the hell you're doing but you're not going to win'' Luke says leaning into Dan's face to warn him. ''Did you do anything?'' He asks as we walk out of the door. ''No'' ''I kissed her''  Dan interrupts. ''Did he?'' Luke asks and I stay silent. ''Don't let him win'' Luke says in a deep voice and leads me somewhere else.


''Babe where were you?!'' Michael asks. Luke coughs nervously but Michael doesn't question him. ''I just told Dan to fuck off and stuff. Hopefully he will leave me alone now'' I leave out a lot but he doesn't need to know and Luckily Luke hasn't said anything. ''As long as your safe'' Mike says and we walk to the gates now that its the end of another dramatic day in hell. ''Coming round or?'' Michael asks. ''I gotta stay home tonight'' I say. ''Ok well, I'll text you'' Michael says and he gives me a long, passionate snog. ''Bye baby'' I give him another kiss and he gets into his car.




Someone knocks on my bedroom door and I seriously hope its not my Dad. ''Come in'' I say. ''Hey'' Calum smiles and takes his shoes off. He then gets in bed with me but sits up. ''I came to talk to you'' He has a serious face on now. ''What?'' ''Dan'' ''Oh'' ''You know what I'm on about?'' ''Mmm hmm'' I mumble, meaning yes. ''Why?'' He asks. ''I wanted him to leave me alone but Luke stopped me before Dan did anything'' ''And the video?'' ''I have no idea what that's about seriously'' I answer honestly. ''Ok'' He sighs. ''But Jaylyn, don't get a bad reputation ok I care about you'' He softens and lies down with me. ''You're like a little sister to me and I'll always protect you from the bad boys that try to mess with you'' He smiles and kisses my cheek in a friendly but caring way. ''Thank you cal'' I whisper. As an only child I'm grateful to have my boys with me. We play video games for a bit in the lounge and we also make dinner for the two of us. After 3 hours Calum has to go and he says he'll text me.

''You ok sis?'' I get a text from Calum. ''I'm better now I've had your company with me tonight x'' ''Ah you're welcome round mine aswell anytime xx'' ''Thanks Bro:)'' ''Alright, well I need some sleep see you tomorrow. Sweet Dreams:* xx'' ''Goodnight Cal:* xx''

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