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A 16 year old girl, who goes out of her mind...She starts talking to this guy who's nearly 2 years older than her at school and they hook up. She goes through a lot with him and her friends and in the end, she feels alone and betrayed. She should've listened to her friends who were with her from the start but instead she ignored them and got into a lot of trouble with her new 'guy' of hers...What will happen to her after? and will it be a good decision?
WARNING: Rate Yellow: Swearing and Sexual Scenes


3. tonight

 I woke up today Smiling, not wanting to wait to go to school (for once). I got a text from Michael; 'Good Morning Jay, You still coming after school?'' I replied straight away. ''Morning, And yeah if that's ok'' ''You kidding?! Obviously its ok why would I offer for you to come round if I didn't want you to?'' He stated the obvious. ''You're right;) haha ok xx'' ''See you at school beautiful xx'' I hate it when he calls me that.


''So hows your man?'' Taylor Asked. ''What do you mean?'' What? They were trying not to laugh.

I felt someone's arms round the back of my waist. Then I spotted the blue haired boy resting his head on my shoulders. ''Hey beautiful'' He said smiling at me. ''Hey'' I smiled back. The boys coughed awkwardly behind me. ''Hey boys'' I rolled my eyes and turned around. ''Hey Jay'' Luke said. ''That rymes!'' Ashton squealed. Mike, Cal and Luke all sighed. ''What?'' Ash said. I just laughed. ''So Jay? Tonight?'' Mike winked. ''Ooooh tonight??'' Taylor and Sophie sang. ''Shut up not like 'that''' I smiled embarrassingly and rolled my eyes. ''Ok so if its not like 'that' then what are you two go to do?'' ''Its a surprise for you Jay'' Michael winked at me hugging me tighter. Its like he's my boyfriend but I've only known him for a day...


Michael was winking, smiling and talking to me for the whole day until it was the end of school. I text my mum ''Schools over, going to my friends house now. Love you xxx'' ''Ok be good love you too xxx'' I put my phone in my pocket and smiled at Michael. He grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me to his car. I almost forgot he's old enough to drive! He has a nice car;)


''You ok beautiful?'' He asked. ''No'' ''Why?!?!'' ''Cause you're lying to me'' ''What?'' He's confused. ''You said I'm beautiful but I'm not!!'' ''Oh my God Jay Stop saying you're not beautiful when you're the most beautiful girl I've ever met'' He said softly, gently kissing me on the cheek. I can feel my cheeks burning red and I can see that stupid smile on my face forming. He giggled lightly. ''Ok lets go'' He said starting the engine and placing his hand on my thigh. He knows exactly what he's doing and he finds it so amusing. I just take a deep breath and try to ignore his gesture.


We park right outside this big house with palm trees outside and a cute little front garden decorated with flowers, It's beautiful. ''Is this where you live?'' I ask. ''Yeah'' ''Wow'' I can see his smile without even having to look at him. It's even more beautiful inside. A young lady walks towards us with a smile on her face, I assume it's his mother. ''Oh! Hello!! I'm Karen'' Karen greets me with a hug.'' Hello Karen I'm Jaylyn'' I smiled at his mom. ''Michael made a friend hey?'' She said smiling at both of us. ''Yeah well three actually, Jaylyn's one of them'' Michael smiled at his mother. ''Hopefully not all three are girls are they Michael?'' Mike's mum asked. ''Yeah, Uh no only two are, theirs Jaylyn, Sophie and uh Taylor'' He lied. Taylors a girl and he knows that. I hid my smile and gently nudged him. He looked at me and widened his eyes as if to say 'Be quiet, don't tell her!' ''Oh, Ok well good to hear you've made some friends! Where's Ash, Cal and Luke?'' She asked her son. ''They're not here, they've gone to Calums to play video games or something. I said No cause I'm here with Jaylyn'' ''Oh Ok'' She said slowly before walking away with a smile on her face. Me and Mike went up to his room.


''Well that's my embarrassing mom'' He rolled his eyes. We both plonked ourselves onto his bed. ''She's not that embarrassing!'' ''She kinda is once you get to know her better'' I just laughed. We talked about random things for a while. ''Your birthdays tomorrow isn't it?'' He asked. ''Yeah why?'' I was smiling. ''No reason, What are you wearing?'' ''Dress and Heels'' He started smiling. oh god. ''You're going to look beautiful'' I just stared at him. We both started smiling. He put one hand on my cheek the other behind my back and leaned in for a kiss. We kissed for what felt like ages before he pulled away. ''You're a good kisser'' He whispered and leaned in again. We must've kissed for about 2 minutes without stopping for breath. I found myself ontop of him. ''It feels like I've known you for ages you know that Jay?'' ''Yeah even though I actually barely know you'' He smiled. ''Don't ever say you're not beautiful again cause it hurts when you say that'' I've fallen for him already. ''I've been waiting for my angel for ages and I think She's come now'' I didn't say anything, I just kissed him again and again and again... ''Fucking hell Jay'' Michael pulled himself up a little bit leaning on his elbows. ''What?'' I knew exactly what. ''Calm down a bit. I've known you a day and we've already spent an hour kissing'' I smiled because I got it right. ''Not an hour'' ''Fine half an hour then!'' ''Hehe'' I giggled. He joined me. I crawled off him and checked my phone, 3 texts from Taylor, 4 from Sophie and 1 from my mother. I opened my moms first. ''Hope you're ok and being sensible'' Sensible? Hopefully kissing for ages is sensible. ''I'm fine x'' I replied. Taylor next; ''What are you and your man doing?'' ''Hope he hasn't took your virginity yet'' I smiled at that one. ''Not replying huh? probably has'' I text back ''No he has not and We've just kissed that's all!!!'' Sophie. I'm dreading this. ''Is he good at Sex?'' ''How big is it?!'' ''Hope you're having fun;)'' ''Wonder what he'll do tomorrow at your party;)'' Oh my God My friends are vile. ''WE HAVE NOT HAD SEX!:0 AND I DONT KNOW I HAVENT SEEN IT! AND HE'LL PROBABLY JUST CALL ME BEAUTIFUL THEN DANCE IDK!'' I Closed my phone threw it behind mike on the bed and climbed back onto him. He supported me with his hands and pulled me close to him. We just spoke, looked into eachother's eyes and kissed for a bit.


Its nearly Midnight. ''Fuck the time'' I climbed off of him. ''I better go'' I said even though I didn't want to. ''Why don't you stay? I'm sure my mom wont mind'' I'd love to do that! ''I wish, but its my birthday tomorrow and My mom wants me home...'' ''Ok fair enough but I don't want you to'' He sighed. ''Neither do I'' ''Come here quickly'' He said instructing me to lay ontop of him again, I did as I was told. He's so hot. He kissed me again, My tounge following his. I had massive butterflies but I knew I was going to be fine. He grabbed my hips moving them in time with our tounges. Fuck. I let him do it anyway. ''Shit Jay'' ''Mike'' ''I think I love you?'' It sounded like a question. ''I--I love you too mike'' I felt his smile. My skirt was lifting up because of the movements my hips were doing. He touched ass knowing my skirt was up. omg. ''Not now mike'' I said. ''Fine'' he said pulling away. ''You can still kiss me'' I was out of breath. ''Haha You're so funny Jay'' I shook my head. He gave me a small kiss before I stood up and fixed my skirt, I pulled it up a bit high just to tease him. ''That's why you invited me isn't it?'' I asked him. I could see his smirk. ''Maybe'' He didn't actually give me any clues, I tried not to get my hopes up. I turned around smiling, knowing he's looking at my too high skirt. He coughed nervously. '''You ok?'' I asked knowing the answer. ''Uhh yeah'' Its midnight. ''Shall I drive you home?'' He asked. ''Um ok but not yet'' ''Huh? Its midnight and your mom wants you home doesn't she?'' ''Yeah but she never said what time I should be home'' I winked at him. ''Oooook...'' He said slowly. I put my bag down. ''Oh come on Mike'' I said rolling my eyes pushing him down on the bed. He smiled, Lifting off his shirt then lifting off mine. Our tounges dancing with eachother, same with our hips. He un-clipped my bra and I helped him taking it off. He started massaging my boobs. ''Mike'' I moaned. ''Shh'' ''No'' I heard someone come up the stairs. He let go off our kiss. ''What?'' He asked. ''Listen'' He heard his mom come up the stairs but it was too late she was already opening the door. ''MOM!'' He shouted. I didn't hear anything, I turned around, The innocent ladies eyes wide. ''Uhh Umm Michael, Jaylyn what the hell are you doing?!'' She shouted. Shit. ''Uhh'' He struggled for words. ''I--I'm so sorry Karen'' I spoke for him. ''Love, Put your Bra on'' I turned round to Mike trying not to laugh ''Mom, Get out!'' He shouted. ''Don't shout! Jaylyn's going in 10 Minutes!!'' She closed the door. ''Oh my God'' He said. ''I tried to tell you!'' ''I'm sorry Jay'' ''No it was my fault its fine'' I said standing up. He stared at my boobs. ''Don't put that bra on just yet'' ''Michael, I have to go'' I said. I reached for my bra but he held it up so I couldn't get it. ''Michael'' ''Yeah'' He smiled. ''Give me back my bra!'' ''Michael give it back to her'' Karen said from behind the door. I started to laugh quietly. He gave me my bra and I put it on, followed by my shirt. He opened his arms and hug me tight. I buried my head into his chest. ''I love you'' He whispered so his mom couldn't hear him. ''You hardly know me, I have a boyfriend but he's out of town'' I whispered. ''WHAT?!'' He shouted. I stood back frightened. ''I'm Joking!!'' ''Omg Jaylyn'' He softened. I went back into his arms. ''I cant believe my mom caught us'' he said. ''I Cant believe it either now hurry up!'' Karen interrupted again. '''Phaha'' I buried my head into his chest again, trying to stop myself from laughing'' ''Come on'' He giggled. I grabbed my bag and opened the door. Karen doesn't look to happy. ''Sorry Again Karen'' ''Its Ok Jaylyn. I know you kids and what you want to do but be sensible now, Nice to meet you though'' She's understanding (Thankfully!) ''Um It's actually my birthday tomorrow and I'm having a party at the new club downtown called Crash and I was wondering if it was ok for Michael to come? Ashton, Calum and Luke will be there too along with loads of other people from our school too'' ''Oh Um'' She thought for a moment. ''Ok'' She sighed. ''Michael can come to mine straight after school tomorrow if he wants and if its ok with you Karen?'' '''Sure'' they both said. ''Great'' I smiled and said bye to the lady. Michael and I got in his car. ''Omg I'm sorry Jaylyn'' ''Shh Michael its ok!'' I gave him a sympathetic smile. Once we got to my house he took me to my door and grabbed my cheek and kissed me again for again what felt like hours but turned out to be only a minute. ''Maybe tomorrow?'' He winked. I winked back. ''Goodnight beautiful''

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