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A 16 year old girl, who goes out of her mind...She starts talking to this guy who's nearly 2 years older than her at school and they hook up. She goes through a lot with him and her friends and in the end, she feels alone and betrayed. She should've listened to her friends who were with her from the start but instead she ignored them and got into a lot of trouble with her new 'guy' of hers...What will happen to her after? and will it be a good decision?
WARNING: Rate Yellow: Swearing and Sexual Scenes


4. Sweet 16 Party and some suprises;)

My mum ran into my room and shouted 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!' with a cake in her hands. That woke me up-.- ''Omg mom!'' I shouted. Surprised but she also made me jump! She hugged me tight. ''Thank You Mom I love you!!'' ''Its Ok, My darling, YOU'RE 16!!'' My mom always over exaggerates things. ''Where's Dad?'' I asked. ''He's Asleep'' As usual...He always gets back home late and drunk. I sighed. ''Don't worry darling, One day he'll come home sober'' ''That would be a flipping miracle!'' I got out of bed and hugged my mom again. ''Ok get dressed and I'll be downstairs making you breakfast'' I love my Mom. I also got 3 texts. Sophie: Happy Birthday Jay! FINALLY 16 and catching up with us!!!:D See you at school poo head xx Taylor: Happy 16th Birthday Jay! Catching up xx and......Michael:) : Morning and Happy Birthday Beautiful!! I'll give you a massive hug at school, Love you:* xxx I smiled. Awh I love my friends and whatever the hell Michael is to me. Friend, Best Friend, Boyfriend, Idk. I picked out a pink frilly top that shows off a little cleavage to tease Mike and a floral Skirt, To also tease him. Haha I love to tease him:)


''Morning again mom!'' I walked into the Kitchen following the delicious smell of bacon. ''Morning my gorgeous angel! I've made you a bacon sandwhich, Your favourite!'' ''Thank You I can smell it!'' I sat down at the Table and ate my delicious sandwhich. I got another text from Michael; Hey, Umm I got something to tell you, but I'll tell you at the party so umm actually nevermind xx

Oh god. ''So, Who's this friend you went round to last night?'' My mom asked. ''Oh umm well his names Michael'' ''Its a boy?!'' ''Uhh Yeah, And is it ok if he comes round after school?'' ''But its your party!'' ''Yeah I know, He's coming.'' ''Oh ok then'' She gave me a smile, there's nothing to worry about mom. ''Thank You for breakfast'' I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, put my heels on, grabbed my bag and left the house.


''Jay! Tell us everything!'' The girls think Me and Mike had sex but yeah sorry guys we didn't! ''Guys, Sorry to disappoint you but Me and Mike didn't have sex'' ''What? Oh haha! Not that! Your party! What are you wearing? What's the theme? Who's coming? We already know Michael but--'' ''Guys, You organised it with me and my mom stop acting stupid!'' ''Sorry'' Taylor said. ''Phaha! But yeah we didn't have sex'' ''Bet you did!'' ''Sophie, we did not have sex. Don't ask me how big it is cause he didn't show me'' ''BOO!'' Michael scared me. Oh shit, he better of not heard our conversation.... ''Oh uhh hey!!'' He's smiling, did he hear?! ''That top...The skirt... Um no I mean, fuck, aha uhh you umm you look, you look beautiful! yeah you look beautiful!!'' ''Mike?'' He's starring at my boobs. ''Mike!'' He jumped. ''What? Oh Hi!'' ''Stop acting stupid'' I playfully slapped his arm. He tore his eyes away from my boobs. I pulled my top lower, teasing him, This is fucking hilarious! ''Jay'' Luke said. ''Hey Luke!'' He grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the others. ''Right, its a bit obvious Mike likes you yeah?'' ''Umm does he?'' what is he on about? ''Jay, Come on he's starring at your ass behind you!'' I laughed. ''Haha ok whats your point?'' ''His last girlfriend, She nearly got rapped by Mikes old friends...'' ''What?'' ''Yeah, well at this party they put this stuff in her drink so she was clueless and she couldn't control her movement. They took her upstairs and onto the bed. She knew exactly what was going on but she couldn't do anything about it and they stripped her, started filming and were touching her all over'' ''Ok Luke I don't need details just get to the point'' ''Ok well basically Mike went somewhere with this other girl so he didn't know what they were doing to his girlfriend and they started touching her and she knew and was watching them rape her but she couldn't move nor scream. She was trying but she just couldn't and Mike ended up finding them all touching her and as one boy was about to put his length into her he ran into the room and beat them all up'' ''where are you going with this?'' ''Well Michael always leaves his girlfriends when something bad is about to happen and me and the boys feel like he tells them to rape the girl but acts like he doesn't know. Jay just be careful ok?'' I just hugged him. ''What?'' ''Luke, Its ok'' He's confused. ''I thought you were friends with him?'' ''I am and so are Calum and Ashton but when it comes to girls he forgets about us but ends up hurting the girl'' ''Thank You for caring but don't worry I'm not stupid I wont let him leave me I mean like at a party on something'' He just smiled. He hugged me this time. Michael walked over. ''Hey you two alright? or do you want a room? I'm sure there's a classroom free somewhere for you two to fuck eachothers brains out!''

''What Michael?'' I tested his patience. He softened. ''I'm sorry Jaylyn. I get jealous easily.'' ''It's ok Mike'' I kissed him. He has been caught off guard. ''Umm ok...'' ''Mike, don't be surprised, Last night remember?'' ''OH COME ON YOU TWO!'' Ashton kinda-shouted. ''What?'' Mike said. ''You two did something last night that you're not telling us!'' ''You've just noticed?!'' Luke, Calum, Sophie and Taylor shouted at the clueless boy. ''Huh?'' ''Oh Ashton don't worry'' Calum ruffled his hair sarcastically. Ashton's my favourite so far. He doesn't jump to conclusions. Well actually, He's just dumb but still its funny. ''Look. We only kissed for a bit'' Michael half-Lies. ''Yeah a bit'' I say.  ''*Sighs* Ok alot'' He doesn't lie now. They all laughed. ''What type of kissing?'' ''Lucas'' Michael warns. ''What? Just asking!?'' I give him a smile, these boys are so funny, I love them. ''Tounges?'' Calum teases. ''Guys...'' Mike has no patience its so cute. ''Shh Michael its ok'' I grab ahold of his muscly arm pulling myself close to his chest, my lips inches away from his. Everyone knows what I'm doing, well maybe not Ashton but yeah and they find it amusing, Michael on the other hand, I think he's getting hard. I winked at him, ''There's a party tonight. ''And?'' Ashton ruined the moment. ''SHHHH'' Everyone said but Me and Mike. ''Yeah'' A smirk forming on his face. I grabbed him and kissed him, His tounge breaking through and forcing mine to dance with his. I have to admit I'm enjoying this. ''Ok guys'' Luke said uncomfortably. ''You've been kissing for about 5 minutes'' Taylor said. Me and Luke just laughed.



''See you at the party!!'' I chirped to all of them, I'm so excited! Me and Mike hopped into his car and I gave him directions to my place. ''This is it'' I said, stopping outside my small (compare to Mikes) house. We got out and I opened the door. ''Hey Mum!'' I shouted. She came rushing through the kitchen door. ''Hi!!'' She gave me a hug. ''Hello! You must be Michael! I'm Nicole'' ''Yeah, Hello Nicole nice to meet you'' They shook hands, He's so polite. ''Well we're going upstairs we need to get ready'' ''Ok be good'' She walked back into the kitchen and we went up to my bedroom.


''Ok'' I said putting my bag down and plonked myself on my bed. ''What are you wearing?'' He asked. ''Either this dress - I showed him a purple one that has no straps and comes up at the middle of my thigh, or this one - a small black one with no straps aswell and has the top cut under my boobs (but attaches at the back) and the skirts gold.'' ''Umm I think the black and gold but show me both on you?'' ''Ok'' I smiled and pulled off my top right infront of him followed by my skirt. ''W--What are you doing?'' ''Putting the dress on'' I stated the obvious. He just starred at me in my underwear whilst I took the dress off the hanger and pulled it over me. ''What do you think?'' ''Its gorgeous'' He stood up and went to the back of me then turned back to me and kissed me. After he let go I smiled and took the dress off and put the black one on. ''Or this one?'' ''That one!'' This dress shows off a lot of my skin especially with the cut at the top. I knew he'd pick this one. ''Ok with which shoes? The gold or black?'' ''Black'' ''Ok'' I kissed him this time. ''Damn you're so hot Jay'' ''Shut up I ruffled his blue hair'' ''Wait? What are you wearing?'' He pulled out some black skinny jeans and I dark blue button up shirt and put them on. ''This is alright isn't it?'' ''Fuck Yeah, You're the one that's so hot for gods sake!'' ''Shut up'' He smiled, mocking me. ''Straight hair or curly?'' ''Umm Curly'' ''Ok'' I started curling my hair. ''Hey could I straighten my hair?'' He asked. ''You straighten your hair?'' ''Yeah...'' ''Oh ok I showed him the straighteners and he started straightening his hair. After my hair it was onto my makeup. I did black and gold smoky eyes but I struggled putting my false eyelashes on. ''Hey Mike can you help?'' ''Sure'' He took them from my hand and concentrated on my eyes, he did it perfectly. ''Thanks'' I smiled. After applying my lipstick and lots of hairspray we were both done. ''Omg Jaylyn you look absolutely gorgeous! And don't say your not and don't tell me to shut up!'' ''Pfftt'' I shook my head and leaned myself into his chest. He held me tight in his big arms and leaned his head on mine. ''I love you'' He whispered. I looked up searching his face. Does he?



We arrived at the club and mostly everyone was there having fun, dancing drinking and the lights flashing. Omg this looks awesome! ''HAPPY BIRTHDAY!'' Everyone shouted. Awh. Sweet 16 Banners all over the place and millions of balloons and other decorations cover the club. There's a table full of presents and a table in the entrance with my actual cake on it (not the one my mum had this morning) ''Happy Birthday Baby'' Michael said kissing me before leading me to Soph, Taylor and the boys. ''Happy Birthday'' ''Thank you'' the all smiled and hugged me.


2 Hours through the party Michael grabbed me to a corner in the club. ''You enjoying it?'' He asked smiling down at me looking at my lips then back up to my eyes, he started stroking my arm. ''Yeah it's great'' I'm so close to him. ''Have you ever done it before?'' He asked, I know exactly what he's on about and omg that would be the best birthday present haha ''Not in a club but yeah'' I was smiling, he was too. ''You want to?'' He winked, moving his hand down to my thighs, under my dress. I took my hand and pulled his hand away. ''Yeah'' ''Quickly come on'' We went into the toilets.


He pulled my dress up bunching it up on my stomach. ''Fuck why did I have to wear a button up shirt?'' He muttered under his breath ''Oh forget about that just take your jeans off''' I unbuckled his belt. ''Alright Calm down you horny girl'' ''Oi'' I playfully slapped him. He took a condom out of his back pocket before pulling them down. The fact he has a condom in his pocket Is very funny but I'm so glad he has one. I rolled it onto him before he pulled down my Panties. ''You ready?'' He panted. ''Yeah'' At that moment he entered me slowly. He started slow, torturing me. ''Faster'' I panted. ''Faster''  He went faster and faster starting to get rough and fuck did I like it. ''Michael'' I moaned Repeatedly. ''Mmmm'' he groaned. omg. ''Jay oh fuck'' His movements are killing me. ''Jay'' He went faster. I pulled my dress off (I'm  not wearing a bra with this dress) and he started massaging my boobs whilst snogging my face off. Omg what if someone caught us? Oh well. ''Omg Michael you're so--so--omg so hot and so fucking good'' ''Uggghhhh'' He screamed. ''You're so good'' He mumbled still holding our kiss. ''Shit Jay'' I kept going. He broke the kiss. ''Jay I'm so close'' He exited me and I smiled up at him. reaching for his length. I grabbed it. ''No'' he said. too late I started sucking. ''No jay jay!'' Oh well. ''Uhhhh!!!'' He came, in my mouth but then I stopped and it went all over me. I swallowed and took a deep breath. ''That was so good'' ''Omg Jaylyn'' I put my head back and lay there on the floor, him ontop of me. He lifted his head. ''That's a good look on you'' he giggled. He swiped his fingers across my chest leaving a mark and put his fingers in his mouth. ''Not bad'' We both started laughing. I got cleaned up and put my dress back on. ''Omg Mike that was so good'' ''Happy birthday'' He licked his lips and teased me. We went back into the crowed club. I Still want more though.


''Hey where were you?'' Luke said. ''Bathroom'' Michael smiled, winking at me and Luke. ''Did you? Ya know?'' ''Uhh yeah'' He looks embarrassed. Luke Smiled. Another 5 hours later and the Club was nearly dead and the party was over.


Mike, Luke, Ash, Calum and I all went back to mine and went straight up to my room. ''I'm so tired'' Ash said, We all are. But we were also quite hungry so we ordered Pizza. ''I need to get out of this dress!'' I grabbed a shirt and some shorts and went to the bathroom, Mike followed. He closed the door and leaned on it. ''Jay you were so good'' He whispered. ''You were too'' He lifted off my dress and sucked my nipples. I pushed his head away. ''Not now'' He pouted, ''Oh''. I ruffled his hair and planted a soft kiss on his lips. I threw the top over me and then the shorts. ''Jay those shorts show your ass'' ''So? Don't you like that?'' ''Yeah but the boys will be staring at you all night'' ''and so what? You have me!'' ''Do I?'' His eyes got wide. ''Um'' I had a straight face. ''Well if you want to be mine,You can'' His lips are so close. ''Yeah'' I whispered. He smiled. ''Mike'' ''Jay'' ''I'm sticky'' He burst into laughter. ''I thought you were going to say you loved me!'' ''Oh haha well I do love you!'' He pulled the shirt off me and wiped me down and put it back on. ''Lets go'' He said pinching my ass on the way back to the bedroom. ''Shall we go downstairs?'' I asked the boys. ''Sure'' We went downstairs, watched Tv and ate our Pizza then we fell asleep on the sofa, My legs resting on Luke's and my head On Mike's Chest.

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