Where do We go from here?

A 16 year old girl, who goes out of her mind...She starts talking to this guy who's nearly 2 years older than her at school and they hook up. She goes through a lot with him and her friends and in the end, she feels alone and betrayed. She should've listened to her friends who were with her from the start but instead she ignored them and got into a lot of trouble with her new 'guy' of hers...What will happen to her after? and will it be a good decision?
WARNING: Rate Yellow: Swearing and Sexual Scenes


16. Shit happens, get over it.



Of course I wake up first, Michael's next to me and the other 2 boys are on the sofa opposite us. ''Mike'' I whisper and shake his shoulders. ''Mmmm'' he groans. ''help me get Luke's things ready, its his birthday'' ''Ok, I'll be up in a sec'' He says.  I go upstairs to my room and grab a big box from on top of my wardrobe with everything for Luke's party today. 3 minutes later Michael walks in just wearing underwear. ''Where's the party at?'' he asks. ''Here'' ''Oh ok, where's your mom gone again?'' ''Some business trip I don't know where'' ''Ah ok, your dads fine with it then?'' ''He'll probably join in, being a fucking alcoholic'' I sigh and sit down on the bed. ''I hate my dad'' I say quietly. ''Awh baby its ok'' Michael sits next to me and cuddles me. After 10 minutes we go downstairs with the box and start to decorate the house.


''Morning boys'' I smile when the boys get up. ''Morning, what you doing?'' Ash asks. ''Getting Luke's party ready'' I say. ''Oh yeah! got a cake?'' ''Yes, but it needs to be picked up do you think You and Cal could pick the cake up for me?'' ''Of course we'll go now'' They walk out the door.  I call all of mine and the boys friends and they come over, After everyones here and the Cake is also here I call Luke. ''Hey Luke!'' I say. ''Hey'' ''Happy Birthday!!'' ''Thank you hehe'' ''Come over? I got something for you'' ''Sure be round soon'' He ends the call. ''Ok we'll all hide and Cal you hide behind the curtain and pull the string when he comes in, Balloons will fall down and we will all jump out and shout 'surprise!''' ''Yep'' Cal says. ''He's coming!'' I announce,  and we all go to our places. ''Hello?'' Luke knocks on the door,  then walks in ''hello?'' he repeats. ''SUPRISE!!!'' We all shout and the balloons fall. Luke's face was priceless, bless him. ''Did you do this?!'' He asks me. ''Yep'' I smile. ''Thank you so much'' He lunges as me and gives me a huge hug. ''Less hugging and more partying'' Mike says impatiently and the music turns on.


2 hours into the party and most of us are drunk. I'm sure Anna, being the slut she is, has gotten on many guys already so I go ask Michael. ''Hey Mike'' I go up behind my amazing boyfriend hugging him by his waist. He just turns round and kisses me. ''I bet Anna's tried getting on you huh?'' ''Anna? you mean Ashley?'' ''Oh yeah sorry'' ''Haha she's trying everyone'' And speaking of the devil, she walks by with no other than the birthday boy. ''Luke'' Michael calls out but he doesn't respond. What? Luke out of everyone?! He hates her!! ''Hey Luke'' I walk up to him, this time getting his full attention. ''Hi jay'' He smiles. ''Umm...'' I say confusingly. ''What? Ashley you know Jaylyn yeah?'' He asks her. ''Oh I know her alright'' She smirks. Bitch. ''Ugh'' I take his hand and pull him away from her before she does anything major. ''Oh come on Jay, have fun, have a drink!'' The devil says to me. ''Oh yeah I'll have a fucking drink'' and she hands me hers.  ''Thank you'' I say sarcastically and pour the half empty cup all over that bitch, and she runs away, obviously defeated.


And that's all I remember of the party.


                                           **THE NEXT MORNING**

Obviously, I wake up very confused and surprised. There's a naked Jay in the bed followed by a naked Dan. What? ''Dan!!'' I scream. ''Hey baby'' He smiles and I recognise that morning voice from the past. I don't even have the energy to argue. ''Explain?'' I sigh. ''Jay, You were so good last night'' He smiles and kisses me. Now I know, Shit. I don't even want to go downstairs and see that mess! The dark haired handsome boy looking at me, us both naked. But he's a dick always has been and always will be. I find the used condom on the side and *facepalm* ''Stay there'' I throw pants and a big top on and run downstairs. ''Mike!!'' I shout. Shit. Bottles, red cups, condoms and many many people lying around. Trash everywhere. I go through all the people before finding Michael. I shake him and he wakes up. ''WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!'' I ask. ''Everyone got drunk obviously'' I fall, the alcohol still in my body. Wake people up, kick them out and fucking clean. I Get up and say, dead serious. ''On it Ma'am'' ''Don't call me that'' I giggle and kiss him. I go upstairs and join Dan. ''Put some clothes on and get to work'' I instruct. And I get to work.


After Michael, Ash, Cal, Luke, Dan and I finish cleaning up and the house is back to normal I go up to my room and make myself look at least a little decent. ''Michael'' I say. ''Yes baby'' ''I woke up next to Dan'' ''You what?'' ''Both naked'' he doesn't say anything. ''Condom on the side'' I pushed it. ''THE FUCK?! WHY?! HOW CAN YOU FUCKING DO THIS JAYLYN?!'' ''I WAS FUCKING DRUNK HOW WAS I MEANT TO KNOW?!'' ''I know'' he quietens down and sighs. ''I cant say much'' ''Anyone but Anna Michael'' I look down. ''Ashley'' he corrects. ''WELL I PREFER ANNA!'' I get louder. He seems to care if he knows her name more than me and it bothers him when I get it wrong. ''Calm down it wasn't her'' ''Ok'' ''It was some girl called I think....Sophie?'' ''Sophie?! MY FRIEND SOPHIE?'' ''Uhhh yeah'' ''wow. um. ?'' ''Look, we were both drunk, shit happened its over!'' ''Yeah, you're right'' But I still think about it, I think that ones going to haunt me.


Just let it go Jay...Let it go.

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