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A 16 year old girl, who goes out of her mind...She starts talking to this guy who's nearly 2 years older than her at school and they hook up. She goes through a lot with him and her friends and in the end, she feels alone and betrayed. She should've listened to her friends who were with her from the start but instead she ignored them and got into a lot of trouble with her new 'guy' of hers...What will happen to her after? and will it be a good decision?
WARNING: Rate Yellow: Swearing and Sexual Scenes


15. messed up.


It's Luke's birthday tomorrow and I still haven't got him anything! I'm going shopping today with Ash and Cal to buy him something and the boys obviously know what he likes better than I do.  'Hey'' I arrive at Calum's place and Ash is already there waiting for me to show up. ''Shall we go?'' Calum stands up and grabs his keys. ''Yep'' I smile and we go into Calums car.


We go through a few shops and Ash and Cal stop a few times to show me something I should buy Luke but they're all rude and stupid things like underwear with a dick on the front or something...''Why don't I just buy him some clothes?'' I ask the boys. ''You're not his Mom'' Cal says. ''What then?! What's his favourite Movie?'' ''I don't know but he likes the TV show How I met your Mother'' Ash says. ''Shall I get him the Box set then?'' ''Sure'' Calum nods. ''That's $11.99'' The Grumpy cashier says with no expression in her voice or face. I hand her the money and she doesn't even bother to say thank you or bye. ''What else?'' I ask. ''His favourite animal is a penguin?!'' ''Ok...So shall I get him something with a penguin on it?'' ''Yeah like a stuffed  toy!'' Ashton smiles and holds up a cute penguin toy with massive eyes. ''That's so cute!!'' I say. ''It looks like him too'' Calum Laughs. ''I'll get him that'' I join the queue. After shopping for Luke we went back to mine.


Michael texted me, ''Hey can I come over?<3 '' ''Sure, Cal and Ash are here too xx'' ''Ok be there in 10 xxxx'' ''Michael's coming round'' I said. 10 minutes Later Michael showed up. ''Alright'' He walked in. ''Hey'' We all said, I smiled and kissed him. ''I need to talk to you'' He said quietly. ''About what?'' ''Come here'' He led me out of the room. ''You know Ashley?'' He asks me. ''Yeah that bitch, why?'' He too a deep breath and closed his eyes. ''I'm so so sorry'' He said. ''What for?'' I'm a bit worried... ''We--Um, We kinda slept together'' ''What?'' My face dropped. I feel like my hearts just been torn out. ''When?'' I ask. ''Saturday''  Its Tuesday today.  ''You never said anything to me yesterday at school?'' I said. ''Yeah because I didn't want to hurt you but I knew it would hurt and you had to know some day'' I can feel my eyes starting to burn. I just walk away and back into my room and slam the door. I run into Calums arms and burst into tears. ''Jay what's wrong?'' Cal asks. ''Michael slept with Ashley'' I say, still crying on his shoulder. ''He did what?!'' Calum lets go off the hug and looks at me in the eyes, Ash stands up to talk. ''Why?'' ''I don't know Ash'' I shake my head. ''Where is he?'' Cal asks. ''I just left him in the hall way, He might've left I don't know'' Calum walks out. 2 minutes later, He walks in with Michael. ''I'm so sorry Jay'' Michael walks towards me. ''No you're not'' ''I really am! Hear me out, please'' He says. ''Whatever'' He grabs a chair and swings it over to sit on it. ''She threatened me'' ''Haha sure!'' I laugh at his stupidness. ''No honestly, She said that if I don't sleep with her she'll make your life hell and I didn't want her to bully you again! You're so important to me and I care about you so much! I did not enjoy her company whatsoever and I was thinking about you the whole time and I feel so guilty but you know how she is and I just didn't want anything to happen to you!'' He's nearly out of breath, he was talking so fast. ''Is this true?'' I ask. ''100%'' I take a deep breath. ''Ok'' I forgive him. ''tell me next time'' I add. ''I will''


Cal, Ash, Mike and I end up just having a movie marathon with Pizza and other snacks.

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