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A 16 year old girl, who goes out of her mind...She starts talking to this guy who's nearly 2 years older than her at school and they hook up. She goes through a lot with him and her friends and in the end, she feels alone and betrayed. She should've listened to her friends who were with her from the start but instead she ignored them and got into a lot of trouble with her new 'guy' of hers...What will happen to her after? and will it be a good decision?
WARNING: Rate Yellow: Swearing and Sexual Scenes


8. Love and Heartbreak

It's morning and I find myself naked on top of Luke, Luke naked too. ''Morning'' He smiles in his (super sexy) morning voice. ''Morning'' I smile softly. We just stare into each other's eyes smiling and probably thinking about the same thing; Last Night.


                                                              **Luke's POV**

Jaylyn looks like an angel, Lying on top of me. Her silky brown hair covering half her back and her fringe swept down covering one eye. She's so gorgeous. ''What are you thinking about?'' She distracts me from my thoughts. ''You'' I say before I realise what I just told her. She just smiles and lifts her body up closer to me so she can reach me and kisses me passionately. ''You know how bad this is right?'' She's cheating on my best friend with me. ''I know'' she looks down at my body. ''But in a way it feels so right...'' she adds. I guess she's right. ''Michael is so nice to me and he protects me but he freaked out last night and left me in a state I had no choice but to call you'' ''And I'm glad you did'' She was amazing last night. We roll over so I'm on top of her, and damn do I want to enter her right now, I mean I can. I open her legs with my knees then I position myself infront of her. She soon realises what I'm doing and she opens them out further. ''Luke'' She whispers. ''Shhh I want you'' I put my finger over her mouth and enter her slowly. She lets out a deep breath ''Omg Luke'' Her phone vibrates and It's Michael. ''Just answer it'' I tell her. ''With you inside me?!'' ''Yes he cant see us!'' She sighs and picks up her cell. ''Hey babe'' She says. ''Yeah you?'' ''Oh I'm just--In bed'' She gives me an awkward smile and I push in and out of her just to tease her. She bites down on her palm and swats my arm. hehe. ''Uh huh, Yeah love you too, bye'' She ends the call. ''You little teaser'' ''You know you liked it'' ''Not whilst I was on the phone to my boyfriend!'' I giggle and slide out of her. I lower my body and turn my head to face her vagina. ''I want to taste you, I bet you taste good'' ''Taste me'' She whispers. Without a second thought I slide my tounge into her and dig deep with my tounge swallowing whatever's inside of her. ''Uh huh'' I groan. ''You taste fucking amazing'' I slide my finger into her and arch it going in and out then I slide out and put my finger into her mouth letting her taste herself. ''Good right?'' ''Its uhh'' ''don't be uncomfortable, You're basically tasting me as I was just inside of you'' She smiles. ''Its good'' I slide my finger back in pumping hard. She groans. Ten minutes later I slide my finger out and bring it to my mouth. She's amazing. ''Luke'' ''Yeah?'' ''I kissed you yesterday cause I think I love you'' I wrap my warm arms around her, Jaylyn is amazing She's a fucking angel and I love her so much.



''What do you want to do today?'' She walks in with wet hair and only in a bra and her panties, Jesus Christ she's perfect. ''I don't want you to get dressed today'' ''But I am haha'' ''Do you want to do something today? Just me and you?'' ''Sure'' She smiles and grabs out a small white lacey dress from her wardrobe and slides it over her. ''Do I look ok in this?'' She asks me. ''Obviously, You're gorgeous'' I smile at her and she smiles back twirling around in the cute short dress. ''I have nothing to wear today so is It ok to quickly stop off at mine on the way?'' I ask a girl who I want to be mine but is actually my best friends...


                                                       **Jaylyn's POV**


We park up outside Luke's house and we walk up the steps, Two boys houses in 2 days; I feel like a slut. ''Just come Upstairs, My mom's not home at the moment'' Luke says and leads me up the stairs. This house is big and beautiful but Mike's is much bigger. I feel uncomfortable and awkward because its just Me and Luke in the house but I shouldn't, I did fuck him last night...He grabs a black tank top and some dark blue jeans and puts them on. ''Hat or no Hat?'' ''Hat'' I answer honestly. ''Lets go'' He puts his sunglasses on and pulls his cell phone out of his pocket to check the time. We hop into his car.


''Are you hungry?'' He asks me. ''A little'' ''Shall we go to eat? I fancy Taco Bell'' ''Lets go there then'' He places his hand on my thigh, Must be something every boy does. Dan did, Mike does and so does Luke I guess. We arrive at Taco Bell and order our food then we find a seat right in the corner, just to ourselves. ''Luke'' I don't know what to do right now. ''Yes Jaylyn'' ''What shall I do?'' ''With what?'' ''You, Me, Mike everything'' He lets out a deep breath I think he's been holding for ages. ''Me You and Mike, I honestly don't know. Your parents; They are Adults and they can sort it out, I mean you can talk to your Mom about it if you want but I'm sure she's capable of handing your troubled Father, Everything will be ok in terms of that. Dan's a dick and hopefully he's out of your life right?'' I nod. ''So forget about Dan now that he's left you alone and The bullies,  They're gone too.'' I'm hearing a lot of positive news I hope it's all true. He reaches his arm out and strokes my hand ''Lets eat'' He changes the subject. After we fight for who's paying he finally wins and we get back in the car. ''Where are we going?'' I Ask. ''You'll see'' He smiles over at me and kisses me quickly before starting the engine and driving to the mystery place.


''Where are we?'' I've asked a lot of questions. ''Somewhere'' Luke sarcastically answers. ''Yeah obviously but--'' The car stops. We're all alone in the middle of nowhere, A cute little field full of daisies and to my right there's a clear blue stream. ''This is beautiful'' I whisper taking in the beautiful nature. ''Just like you'' Luke hugs me from behind and rests his head on my shoulder. I turn my head around and kiss him, he's so romantic and so frustrating at the same time. ''I love you'' Luke whispers after breaking our kiss. He takes off all his clothes except his boxers, ''Coming in the stream?'' He asks. ''You're kidding right? Why would I do that? Anyone could see!!'' ''I come here for a swim all the time, there's never anyone here and I've never took anyone here either, its my secret spot and I'm always here, I love it!'' I chuckle at his cuteness. ''What?'' He asks. ''You're so cute'' I hug him tight and he wraps his arms round me. ''Come in the water? I'll help you in'' ''Ugh fine'' I get undressed leaving on my bra and panties and Luke jumps in. ''Come here'' He holds out his arms for me and picks me up, gently placing me in the stream. ''Its freezing'' I walk into his arms. ''You'll get used to it'' He takes off my bra. ''Luke what are you doing?!'' ''Shh its ok'' His lips are so close to mine. ''Luke'' I push him away gently. He frowns, ''What?'' A tear runs down my cheek. ''Baby''.. ''Whats up'' He whispers in my ear. ''I'm with Michael and I cant be turning my back on him like this. I love you, hell do I love you but I mean, sex? really? that's too far'' ''What do you mean?'' ''I'm cheating on Michael and I don't like it, I mean I like you and you're so cute and romantic but so is Michael and at the end of the day, Michaels my boyfriend and he should be here kissing me in a stream whilst we're naked'' I giggle at both of us naked in a stream. ''I know'' He lifts me up and sits me on the edge of the stream. He puts my bra, that luckily didn't get wet, on me and jumps out himself.


''Luke'' ''Yeah?'' He looks broken and looking at him like this breaks me. ''I have no dry panties'' ''Here'' He chucks me his t-shirt. ''Huh?'' ''Put it on and take your pants off You can wear the shirt don't worry'' There's no expression in his voice and he isn't even looking at me. I just do as I'm told without saying a word. He turns to look at me while I'm putting on the shirt, But I have no panties on exposing my fully naked body. He stands there with wide eyes and it takes me a few seconds to realise what he's staring at. ''Luke!!'' I cover myself with his shirt. He closes his eyes and opens them again. ''You're so fucking hot Jay'' I let go of the shirt at his words and I don't even bother to put it on, I just walk towards him and bury my head in his chest. ''Jay you're naked'' he whispers. ''I know and I don't give a fuck'' He giggles. I hug him tighter. ''I thought you didn't want this'' He says. ''I want it, but its wrong'' ''Shh'' ''I don't want to hurt you, or Michael but the way you reacted just then hurt me bad and I'm so sorry I don't want to break your heart I just--'' Luke's warm kiss stops me from talking. We continue snogging and he pushes me onto the grass, him on top of me, and slides his free hand down my thighs and then between them. ''Let me touch you'' He whispers in my ear. ''Mmmm'' is the only sound I give out and I guess he takes that as a yes as he enters me slowly.  ''Uhhhh'' I moan and arch my back. ''Fuck Jay'' He pants.  I'm soaking and It's all for Luke. He pumps in and out gently, stopping regularly letting me taste myself. ''I need you Jay'' He's breaking my heart by loving me but that doesn't stop me from fucking him. He exits me slowly, killing me and licks his fingers. ''Good girl'' He winks at me and pulls his also naked body up closer so he can reach my boobs. ''You're a very very good girl Jaylyn'' He sounds so sexy. ''Luke'' ''Jay'' ''Fuck'' I cover my face with my hands. ''Jay?'' He pulls my hands away. ''Love me Jaylyn'' ''I do'' ''Only me'' ''I--'' I frown. ''I don't'' I cry in his arms. ''Call him'' He hands me my cell phone. I wipe away my tears. ''Hey Mike'' ''Hey baby'' I can imagine him smiling on the other side of the line. ''Umm we need to talk'' ''Ok talk now baby'' ''Stop calling me that'' ''I thought you liked it'' ''I do and that's why I want you to stop'' ''Jay You don't make sense'' ''We're breaking up'' ''What?!'' He's practically shouting. ''Mike'' ''Why?'' ''Luke that's why'' ''What??'' ''I love him, he loves me'' ''Fuck Jay'' ''I love you as well but'' ''Baby don't cry'' ''You're calling me baby again'' ''Because I love you Jay you're the only girl that makes me happy'' ''Mike you're making this so hard for me'' ''But how? why? what?'' ''Jay'' Luke whispers behind me. ''Is that him?!'' ''I'm sorry'' I end the call. ''Stop crying'' Luke comforts me in his arms.

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