Where do We go from here?

A 16 year old girl, who goes out of her mind...She starts talking to this guy who's nearly 2 years older than her at school and they hook up. She goes through a lot with him and her friends and in the end, she feels alone and betrayed. She should've listened to her friends who were with her from the start but instead she ignored them and got into a lot of trouble with her new 'guy' of hers...What will happen to her after? and will it be a good decision?
WARNING: Rate Yellow: Swearing and Sexual Scenes


17. Life is always better with friends<3


Its been 3 days since the party and I still cant stop thinking about Sophie and Michael. I know I should let it go but fuck sake Sophie's my best friend! Its 12:PM Saturday morning...I decide to go to Sophie's house. ''Mum, going to Sophie's'' ''Alright Love,'' I hop into my car and go.


''YOU? DAN?!'' ''Sophie..That's not the point'' ''What do you mean?'' ''Are you seriously not going to tell me? I'm not dumb Sophie!!'' I shout at her. I've been here for half an hour and she hasn't brought up her and Michael yet. ''Oh''  she realises. ''Yeah...'' She gives me a sympathetic smile ''I'm sorry'' I'm still mad at her. I cant believe she was hiding it from me, she's been trying to avoid me for two days at school.. With a lot of 'sorrys' and ice cream we finally forgive each other and end up talking about  our childhood memories. ''Omg Jay remember when you fancied the pants of that little kid Tom?! You wouldn't stop talking about him and how much you wanted to play with him on the playground?!'' ''Not as bad as you fancying Josh!!'' we both fall over laughing. It feels good talking to Sophie about memories.. I was starting to feel like we were growing apart. ''Girls I've made hot dogs down stairs if you're hungry'' Sophie's mom comes in. ''Thank you'' I smile before she walks away. We go downstairs to eat. I stay for another hour before I go and me and Sophie have made plans for Monday afternoon to go to the mall.


''Hey mom I'm home'' I call as I walk in. My dad is standing behind me ''Where have you been? its 9 O'clock'' he says. ''I'm surprised you're actually home at this time. And you know what time it is!!'' ''Don't talk to me like that, I'm your father'' ''Barely'' I say and walk upstairs. I sigh and flop down onto my bed. I hate my dad. I hate him so much and I don't even feel bad saying that. 'DING' my text tone goes off, Its my mom.

''Be home in 10 minutes, your dad's home. Not that he helps lol''  

''He already told me off, talk to you about it later. love you xx''

''Ok Darling, I love you!!xx''

It's always been just me and mom. When I was younger she always sorted out my birthday parties, bought or made my cake, bought the presents and invited all the kids. My dad wouldn't even know it was my birthday.


I turn on my 'One Direction, Up All Night' album and pull my laptop out. I spend my night scrolling through Twitter and Tumblr with my Coffee and some berries and yoghurt.

''Hey baby girl, what are your plans for tomorrow?''  Michael texts me.

''Nothing, Meet up?''

''Sure be at yours @ 11?''

''I'll be ready:)''

''See you then gorgeous;)''

I fucking love him.

Then...A text from Luke.

''Jay!! how are you?''

''I'm good! you?''

''Alright:) Cal and Ash are round, care to join?'' He asks.

''Now? Its late''

''We have horror movies and popcorn?''

''Will there be pizza?'' I say.

''Yes, there will be pizza''

''Be round soon with Mike. haha''

I drive to Michaels house. ''Hey baby'' I walk into his arms. ''What's up?'' ''I'm going to Lukes to watch a horror. Ash and Calum are there too, Coming?'' ''Sure let me grab my phone'' He says and takes his phone from the counter. ''Lets go'' He kisses my cheek.


''Boo!'' Luke Says when he answers the door. ''Hello Lukeyyyy!'' I hug him. ''Alright mate'' Michael and Luke 'Bro fist' and we go to the sofa. ''Jay'' Calum smiles. ''Hello brotha!'' I hug cal and he kisses my cheek. ''Missed you'' He says. ''Missed you too'' Ash walks in. ''hey'' I smile and we settle down on the sofa and pull the blankets over us. ''I'll grab the popcorn and just for Jay...The pizza'' He winks at me and I smile.


I squeal a few times at the most scariest parts and bury my face into Michaels chest as he puts his arm around me and keeps me safe. ''Ash, don't look'' Michael warns him. ''Tell me when its over.'' Michaels seen this movie before and Ash cannot take horror movies, he's a big baby. ''FUCK!'' Calum shouts as the ghost comes behind the main character and lifts them up by their neck, causing their neck to snap and the girl is left hanging in the air. The credits start to roll and we all loosen up and relax. ''That was fucking horrible'' Calum says and Ash still has his head in his pillow. ''Ash why is your head still in the pillow?'' I ask. He looks up. ''What?! Michael didn't tell me when to look up'' he frowns. we all giggle. I check my phone; 02:33am. ''Oh..I need to go'' I announce. ''I'll come too baby'' Michael hugs me from behind. ''Thanks Luke'' I say and he hugs me. ''Love you'' Calum says. ''Text me bro'' I smile back. ''Bye Ashton'' Michael gently ruffles his long curly hair and we leave.


''Baby stay round mine tonight?'' Michael asks when I pull into his driveway. ''You have makeup round mine and you can always borrow my moms straighteners in the morning if you need them'' He says. ''Ok'' I smile at him and text my mom. ''My moms asleep so we'll see her in the morning'' Michael whispers as we tip-toe up the stairs and into his room. He chucks me one of his black shirts and I pull it over me, just covering my upper thighs. ''You always look so sexy in that'' He winks at me when I put it on. ''Shut up'' I smile in embarrassment and throw my hair into a loose messy bun on top of my head. I jump on to the bed and wrap my legs around Michael's body as he hugs me tight. He says quietly; ''I love you'' ''I love you too'' and we kiss passionately. I end up falling asleep on top of him with his arms around me. I have the best boyfriend ever

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