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A 16 year old girl, who goes out of her mind...She starts talking to this guy who's nearly 2 years older than her at school and they hook up. She goes through a lot with him and her friends and in the end, she feels alone and betrayed. She should've listened to her friends who were with her from the start but instead she ignored them and got into a lot of trouble with her new 'guy' of hers...What will happen to her after? and will it be a good decision?
WARNING: Rate Yellow: Swearing and Sexual Scenes


6. Lazy Day with the boys

I woke up with Mike and Luke still asleep next to me, But I could hear Cal, Ash and my mom in the kitchen...


                                                      **Calum's POV**

''Good Morning Boys! You must be some of Jaylyn's friends?'' A women, Most likely to be Jay's mom, walked in. ''Uhh Yes I'm Calum and this is Ashton'' ''Ahh! I'm Nicole, Jaylyn's mom'' This is awkward. ''Are Jay and Mike still asleep?'' ''Yeah, So is Luke, our friend'' ''Oh Ok! Well do you two want anything?'' ''Just a glass of water please'' Ash said, Awkwardly. ''Same, if that's ok'' I smiled at Nicole. ''There you are'' She handed us our drinks. Me and Calum sat down on the dining table in the kitchen whilst Nicole was putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. ''So, Are you new friends of Jaylyns?'' Nicole asked us. ''Yeah, we're new to the school actually. Me, Calum, Luke and Michael all joined at the same time'' Ash told the woman. ''Oh right ok'' She smiled at us. A man without a shirt walked in, must be her father. He looks tired and he's looking down at the floor. ''Oh hello'' His head shot up. Ash smiled nervously ''Hi'' ''Uhh these are Jay's new friends, There's also two other boys in the lounge but they're asleep, so is Jay'' Nicole said it for us thank god! ''I see'' He didn't say anything else. ''Don't worry he's always like this, grumpy and careless'' Jaylyn's mom muttered to Me and Ash'' The man just made a cup of tea and walked out of the kitchen. He seems quite odd.


                                              **Jaylyn's POV**

Luke moved his head and opened his eyes, He smiled at me. ''Good morning B--Uhh Jay'' ''Morning, Uh what where you gunna say before Jay?'' ''Nothing'' He smiled uncomfortably.  I lifted my head and sat in between Luke and Mike, Mike's still asleep and he looks so fucking cute! Luke gave me a hug. ''You ok?'' He asked. ''Yeah'' I smiled up at him. ''Where's Calum and Ashton?'' He asked. ''I heard them in the kitchen I think'' ''Oh ok'' He smiled down at me and stared into my eyes, He then looked at Michael and checked he was still asleep then looked back at me. ''I was gunna say good morning beautiful'' He whispered. I raised my eyebrows but lowered them and smiled again and looked down. I don't know what to say, now that Michaels my boyfriend. ''Don't feel uncomfortable Jaylyn Its ok I know you and Michael are together its pretty obvious'' he shook his head. ''And its ok for me to call you beautiful, I'm giving you a compliment its fine'' ''ok'' He pulled me into his chest and he wrapped me around his arms. This is what Mike does. ''What are you thinking about?'' I asked an anxious Luke, I can feel the tension and there's something on his mind. ''Don't worry its nothing really'' I don't want to push him. Tell me later? ''Maybe'' We walked into the kitchen. ''Morning mom! Morning Ashton and Calum!'' They all looked at us. ''Morning'' ''Mom this is Luke! I see you've already met Cal and Ash'' ''Hello Luke! I'm Nicole'' ''Hello Nicole'' He smiled. ''Mike is STILL asleep'' ''Still?'' We all giggled. ''What are you all laughing about?'' Michael walked in, Making us jump. He walked towards me and put his arm around me. ''I thought you were asleep?'' I asked. ''I was, You guys woke me up!'' ''Oh'' I giggled and kissed his cheek. ''Morning Nicole, morning Guys'' ''Morning Michael how are you?'' My mom asked my boyfriend. ''I'm ok you?'' ''Great'' She finished the dishes. We all had breakfast and went upstairs to my room.


''What are you doing today?'' Ash asked me. ''Nothing, You?'' ''Nothing'' ''You can stay here if you want?'' ''Sure'' ''We'll stay too'' Luke added. Mike Kissed me and we sat on the bed. I grabbed my phone. ''Good party last night! You had sex?'' A text from sophie. ''Maybe;)'' I answered. She answered straight away ''OMG! TELL ME ALL!'' ''It was nothing, he just took me to the bathroom and took my dress off and he took his jeans off and yeah...'' ''Was it big haha'' ''Omg Soph!'' ''What? Was it?'' ''Well um I guess'' ''You sucked it didn't you?'' ''He came in my mouth!! *Laughing face emoji*'' ''Ew!! *Laughing emoji* You enjoyed it didn't you?'' ''Well Yeah!!!'' ''Haha' I'm telling taylor'' A few minutes later I got a text from Tay. ''Soph told me all of it, How did it taste? *Laughing emoji*'' ''Omg, I uhh I dunno! It tasted...'' ''Salty?'' ''Uhh yeah...'' ''Phahaha oh god'' Taylor doesn't text much. ''Who you texting?'' Mike asked nosely. ''Soph and Tay'' ''Oh'' I put my  phone down and rolled ontop of him, my ass showing I think. I just kissed him hard. ''Uhh Jay your ass'' Calum said, even though he's enjoying it.  I broke the kiss, ''Like you haven't seen one before'' ''True'' He shaked it off. ha.


Me and the boys just had a lazy day and watched a load of movies. After we finished watching  the third movie Luke asked me to go upstairs with him quickly. He closed the door and leaned on it. ''Jay'' ''Yeah...'' ''I kinda like you, BUT you have Mike and I'm not gunna try and break you apart or mix up your feelings or--'' I kissed him. ''What the fuck.'' I honestly don't know why I did that. ''Jay?'' My eyes were wide. I pushed him out the way and ran downstairs without a word. I walked back into the room and shaked off the fucked up feelings I was feeling. I just cuddled up to mike. Luke walked in silent and confused and sat down on the other couch, instead of sitting next to me like he was before I kissed him upstairs.



''Bye!!'' I waved to the boys as they were getting into Mike's car. Luke didn't say anything to me. I hope I haven't ruined anything for us two. I walked up to my room and lay down on my bed. I was so tired and I drifted off to sleep... 

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