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A 16 year old girl, who goes out of her mind...She starts talking to this guy who's nearly 2 years older than her at school and they hook up. She goes through a lot with him and her friends and in the end, she feels alone and betrayed. She should've listened to her friends who were with her from the start but instead she ignored them and got into a lot of trouble with her new 'guy' of hers...What will happen to her after? and will it be a good decision?
WARNING: Rate Yellow: Swearing and Sexual Scenes


11. Fights, Discussions and Make Ups

I wake up to Luke beside me and Its the best thing to wake up to. ''Baby, Wake up'' I shake his arm. ''Mmm'' He moans. ''I'm getting in the shower'' I grab some pants and a bra. ''I'll come too'' He groans and gets out of bed. ''What are you thinking?'' Luke kisses my neck underneath the water. ''Nothing'' I haven't spoke to him for a good 10 minutes. ''There must be something'' I know there is Luke. ''Theres alot of things going on right now. It doesnt matter'' ''Tell me'' Luke turns me around to face him. I look up in his blue eyes. ''The pregnancy is the main bit. Then there's my Parents, Dan and Michael in the middle'' I cuddle up to him. ''Its ok. It will get sorted out'' He whispers and rubs my back gently. ''Not the baby'' I look back up to him. ''Anyway we need to get out. Sadly we need to go to school''


''Morning mom'' ''Hello Honey'' She smiles. ''Oh Luke! Hi'' She puts down the plate she was holding and hugs Luke ''Hello Nicole'' Luke smiles and hugs her back. ''Do you want anything?'' my mom asks when we sit at the breakfast bar. ''Coffee please'' Luke says. ''And me'' Luke strokes my thigh under the table. ''So are you two going to school today?'' My mom asks. ''Yeah'' ''Oh ok'' We finish our coffee's and get into Lukes car.


''Hey'' Ash says as we walk through the gates. ''Hey'' I smile to all of them. ''Wheres Michael'' Luke asks. Ashton points to the end of the corridor. Fucking Ashley again. ''Dont'' Luke warns me and grabs my arm. ''I need to go up to them and fucking punch her face'' ''As much as we all want to, we cant'' Taylor says. I roll my eyes. ''Ok but why is he even with her again? He knows she's with Dan ,even though Dan's probably lying round with other girls, And He said he wouldnt talk to her again'' I add. ''Oh lets just go there'' Luke says and we walk towards Michael and that bitch


''Hey'' I sarcastically smile. ''Jaylyn! Hi!'' Anna smiles. ''Anna! Hi!'' I say. ''My name is Ashley'' ''Oh yeah sorry, I like Anna better'' I turn to Michael. ''So Michael, What are you doing?'' I ask. ''Jay'' Michael pulls me away. ''Why are you here again?'' He asks. ''Haha! No the question is why are you with her again'' I cant read the expression on his face. ''Jay why would you care? You have Luke!'' ''I fucking care cause you are the father to my baby and here you are fucking around with the biggest whore in the school!'' I try not to let anyone here about him being the father of my child. ''So i am the dad?!'' ''I...I think so'' Mike sighs. ''Lets go'' I walk away with Michael and Luke. ''Hey'' Michael fakes a smile. ''Hey'' The boys say. ''Where have Sophie and Taylor gone?'' I ask. ''They went somewhere i dont know'' Calum says. ''Oh'' Someone just threw a bottle at me. What the fuck? I turn round to see Dan and his friends again. ''You better start leaving her alone man'' Luke pushes him to the wall again. ''You again'' Dan sighs. ''Yeah its fucking me again'' ''This time im the one whos gunna win'' Dan says. ''Win what? huh? The fight? what are you getting out of it?! You're never gunna get Jay again. Face it Dan Youre a dick and everyone knows it! Go back to your whore of a girlfriend!'' ''Ashley isnt a whore. And i dont want Jay. She's a fucking baby. Oh Danny this Danny that'' Dan mimicks Jay in a high pitched voice. ''Dont fucking talk about her like that! She can do way better than you!'' ''Yeah, way better than you too'' Dan smirks. ''I bet she could. But atleast i treat her with respect'' ''Alright you can let go of me now'' Luke lets go of Dan. ''What the fuck!'' Luke shouts. Dan just punched Luke's cheek. ''Thats it'' Michael groans and walks to Dan. ''You dick!'' Michael shouts and kicks Dan's stomach, Pushing him to the ground. ''Ah fuck'' Dan lies on the floor holding his stomach. ''Serves you fucking right'' Michael sighs. ''Here'' Michael holds his hand out for Luke. ''Thanks'' Luke smiles. ''I know you have Jay now. But doesnt mean we need to stop being friends. I'll always love you as a little brother you know that'' Michael smiles and hugs Luke. ''You too mate''


                                                  **LUKES POV**


Another fight with Dan. Fucking hell. ''Thanks again Mike'' I smile at him. ''Its alright mate'' ''So Jay, Why did you even go out with that dick?'' I ask her. ''Dan was nicer back then. Trust me It may be hard to belive but he was so much nicer. Until he turned into a phsyco and raped me'' ''Yeah'' She stays silent for a while, probably thinking about the times when Dan was the best boyfriend ever and treated her like the only girl in the world. Only to ruin it completely not just for her but for himself. ''Uh hmm'' Ashton coughs awkwardly trying to break the silence. ''So Anything new?'' He asks. We all smile at his stupidity. ''Well'' Jay says. I eye her giving her the 'dont' Stare. ''Nothing'' she sighs. ''Oook'' ''Hey! I Um, got tickets for One Direction! You know them right?'' Calum announces. ''Hell Yeah! They're like the biggest boyband in the world!'' Ashton squeals. ''Ashton loves them. Especially Niall'' I sigh. ''Well, Do you all wanna come?'' ''What!! That would be amazing!'' ''Ok Calm Down Ash, Calm down!'' I pat his shoulder. ''Yeah I'll come'' Jay smiles. ''Great! And Boys?'' He's referring to Michael and I. ''Yeah'' ''Great! It's sometime next week. That's ok right?'' ''Yeah'' ''Cool''


Ashton hasn't stopped going on about One Direction and Its driving us all crazy. ''Ashton!'' Michael shouts. ''Sorry'' Ashton whispers. Awh. ''It's ok Ash. I'm excited too!'' Jay hugs him sweetly before walking into my arms. ''You alright?'' I ask. ''Yeah'' She smiles at me. Michael begins to walk away. Fucking hell. ''Mike!'' I shout. He doesn't bother to reply or turn around, He carries on walking. ''I'll go its fine'' Jay goes after him.


                                                     **MICHAELS POV**


Only a month ago The boys and I started this new school and Jay fell in love with me. But just seeing her with Luke right infront of me breaks my heart into pieces. ''Mike!!'' I hear her beautiful voice calling out for me. ''Hey'' She rests her hand on my shoulder and she's out of breath. ''Hey'' I whisper. I don't want to turn around and face her because how can I explain these tears? 10 years worth of tears are streaming down my cheeks right now and I think she can hear my quiet sobs coming out of my mouth behind me. ''What's wrong?'' She walks infront of me so I can see her and moves my hands out the way of my face. ''Mike'' She whispers and hugs me tight. I decide to wrap my arms around her too and I rest my head on her shoulder. ''Jay'' ''Yeah?'' ''We need to talk'' ''Then lets talk now'' ''Not here'' ''Ok'' She breaks the hug but I want to be in her arms at least once more. I give her a gentle smile and we walk Outside away from the others. ''Follow me'' Jay says. ''I come here whenever I'm sad or just need to be alone'' We walk up these steps and on top of a building. There's flowers everywhere and a cute white bench in the corner. ''Where are we?'' ''We're actually on top of a school building but no one can see us because of the trees'' She points to the trees in front of us. ''How did you find this?'' ''Well Me and my old friend Katelyn were bored one day at Lunch and we didn't know what was above those steps so we came up to discover this beautiful garden'' She smiles. ''She left this school a year ago. So I used to come up here a lot. Sophie and Taylor don't know about this'' ''Its beautiful'' I smile and sit down next to her on the bench and put my arm around her. ''What's on your mind?'' She asks. Her lips are so close to mine and I can feel her warmth. ''You'' I smile down at her lips then back up to her eyes. I give her a small peck on the lips. ''What about me?'' She whispers. ''Why are you whispering?'' I cant help but quietly giggle at her. ''I don't know'' She says normally now haha. ''You're too beautiful'' I smile. ''Stop saying that'' ''You are though'' She swats my arm playfully. ''You know, A month ago we fell in love. I felt like there was nobody but us two in the world. You were my everything'' I smile down at her lips. ''But I walked away. And it wasn't because of you. It was because of me'' ''What do you mean?'' She asks. ''When I was 14 My parent's split up. I hardly ever see my dad and my mom is always somewhere. It didn't feel normal to live at home without a dad and my mum was always upset. I had a hard time at school because I was always the quiet one. Everyone else was happy Also, They all had two parents who lived at home and loved each other'' She has tears in her eyes. ''Baby its ok'' I hug her tight.  ''Me, Calum and Luke were always together just us three'' ''What about Ashton?'' She asks. ''Well, We weren't friends then'' ''Oh'' ''I wanted to do something so I bought a Guitar and learnt how to play'' ''Are you good?'' ''I guess'' She smiles. ''Calum's a very good singer and so is Luke. They both sing and play guitar and Bass too. So we started a Band. We don't have a name though,We just played together'' ''We started talking to Ashton and we needed a drummer so Ashton bought a drum kit and joined the band'' ''Awh haha'' She's still in my arms. ''Then it was us 4. But I wasn't round much after that because I got bullied a lot. They told me to die, they said I was weird, Stupid, A disappointment to God and That no one likes me. But the worst thing they said was; My Dad hated me so much that he left me and my Mom'' I smile at the stupidity of those bullies. ''What did you do about it?'' Her voice is so gentle. ''Nothing. I let them walk all over me. Then I gave up. I started to cut'' I lift my sleeves up to reveal the scars and show them to her. Her light fingers run over them gently and her tears drop onto my arm. I wipe them away and she kisses my arm. ''Baby'' I whisper and stroke her head. I pull my sleeve down and she leans into my chest again. ''I tried committing suicide a few times'' ''Huh?'' She swallows her tears and looks up at me with fear in her sparkling eyes. ''I took 16 pills but that did nothing to me so I tried drinking bleach. It wasn't strong enough to kill me but it made me ill for about a week. I spoke to my mom about it and she really helped. She phoned the school and made the bullies stop. After that I was fine and happy again. I started to play more in the band again and everything was good'' ''That's good'' She smiles. ''I started meeting new people and made new friends but I mixed with the wrong crowd. They got me into a lot of trouble like drinking in the park and I didn't have time for the band and I had a massive fall out with the boys over it. I took drugs a few times and hooked up with a few girls but that soon stopped'' ''Do you still talk to those people?'' ''No but Me and the boys got kicked out of school'' ''Why did the others get kicked out too?'' ''They joined me and my new friends and that's how we made up'' ''Oh'' ''So yeah I had a rough couple of years but I'm here now and You've brought me to the right place. I love you Jay'' I whisper and kiss her head. ''I love you too Mike'' ''What about Luke?'' ''I don't know really. Maybe us three need to talk?'' ''After School?'' I ask. ''Ok I'll let him know'' We walk down the stairs and the bell rings.



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